Mekky presents old values in ‘Wa’fet Nasyet Zaman’ song



Fri, 15 Dec 2017 - 01:16 GMT


Fri, 15 Dec 2017 - 01:16 GMT

A scene from “Wa’fet Nasyet Zaman” music Video released Thursday, December 14, 2017 – Ahmed Mekky’s official YouTube channel

A scene from “Wa’fet Nasyet Zaman” music Video released Thursday, December 14, 2017 – Ahmed Mekky’s official YouTube channel

CAIRO – 15 December 2017: On Thursday, the famous Egyptian actor, scriptwriter and rapper Ahmed Mekky released his latest song entitled “Wa’fet Nasyet Zaman” (Standing on the Corner of My Old Street) on his official YouTube channel.

A few hours after the music video was released, “Wa’fet Nasyet Zaman” was the top trend for Egypt on most social media platforms.

“Wa’fet Nasyet Zaman” talks about the nostalgia and the good old memories each one of us has with friends and neighbours as well as the old values and ethics. “The idea of the song came to me from my beautiful past memories that are engraved in my mind, in the past there were precious values and ethics that unfortunately we miss today, I am always keen to discuss these matters in my songs,” Mekky recounted in a phone call with “Masa’a DMC”.

Mekky elaborated that the good morals of the past were not limited to respectable people only; even street guys and homeless people used to have principals, none of them would betray the other. People used to respect their elders and they would never harass a girl from their neighbourhood, unlike what happens today.

“There are many factors that led to the deterioration of values and ethics in our society nowadays, the most important is the lack of role models. In the past there was a leader for each district, an old man who is like the father of all those who live in this district, we used to respect this man, obey him and ask his advice when we had problems,” Mekky said.

“I learned a lot of morals from standing on the corner of my old street as I described in the song, this street was like a school to me where I learned many things in addition to morals, such as useful hobbies like raising dogs and pigeons.”

Mekky added that parents in the past were not afraid of leaving their children in the streets because they were safe and Egyptian youth were a source of strength to all neighbours. “Nowadays the smell of the drugs youth smoke in the streets is spreading everywhere.”

Mekky admitted that despite all that we suffer today, our true precious culture still exists, it just needs a spark to reappear. “The proof is that after the January Revolution all the Egyptian youth stood beside each other to protect their country.”

Mekky announced that all those who appeared in the video clip weren’t actors or models, they are his old friends and neighbours, even the old men and women are from his old street. He wanted to return to his old street by any means. Mekky said that the Egyptian singer Hoda el-Sonbaty who is featured on the song is a long-time friend of his.

“Wa’fet Nasyet Zaman” was written and directed by Mekky and composed by the Egyptian composer Adam Sherif.

Mekky graduated from the Cinema Institute in Egypt with a degree in directing. After he graduated he started his career by producing short films such as “Yabanee Asly” (Original Japanese). He also directed “Al-Hassa Al-Sab’a” (The Seventh Sense) in 2005 and has collaborated with his sister, actress Inas Mekky, on several television shows.



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