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Sat, 02 Dec 2017 - 06:03 GMT


Sat, 02 Dec 2017 - 06:03 GMT

Photograph of Britney Spears at the Sydney International Airport, February 28, 2013 - Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

Photograph of Britney Spears at the Sydney International Airport, February 28, 2013 - Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

CAIRO – 2 December 2017: December 2 is the birthday of superstar diva Britney Spears, one of the world’s most popular pop stars. A staple of international music culture especially during the early 2000s, much of Spears’s music is perfectly designed to never leave your memory.

Born in 1981, Spears came from humble origins in rural Mississippi. Her love of singing had taken root early in her life. Spears got her start in TV as a member of Disney Channel’s “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club” in 1992 when she was only 11, alongside a young Justin Timberlake, another soon-to-be superstar.

After the show ended in 1995, Spears continued to develop her musical talents, signing a contract with Jive Records. Two years later, the release of her debut album and single of the same name, “…Baby One More Time” proved to be a swift and monumental success. The world had witnessed the first of teen diva Britney Spears.

Here’s a look at some of her most iconic songs;

“…Baby One More Time” (1998)

The one that started it all, this song’s combination of catchy lyrics and the controversy that erupted over Britney’s suggestive outfit helped the song rise in attention until it reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 early in 1999 for two weeks straight.
“Oops I Did It Again” (2000)

A title fitting for a follow-up to her massive debut success, this track managed to sell 1.3 million records within the first week of release, setting up a new record. Spears continued to draw criticism due to her style of dress, but that didn’t stop her from performing the song in a revealing outfit during the MTV VMA’s.

“Toxic” (2004)

Spears went in a different direction with this single of her album “In the Zone”, which saw the use of aggressive, harsh electronic sounds and nasty guitars. The experimentation proved successful; the track was a hit with her fan base.

“Gimme More” (2007)

Back at it again with the catchy lyrics, Spears continued to make waves of controversy in the public with her outrageous personality; yet her now massive fan base was always there to lift her up and support her through anything, even after the flubbing of an MTV VMA concert made her a public spectacle of mockery.

“If U Seek Amy” (2008)

A swear word cleverly hidden in the title was more than enough for this song from her 2008 album “Circus” to raise quite the attention, with Britney continuing to push and evolve her ‘bad girl’ image regardless of what the public thought of her.

“Circus” (2008)

The title referred to the wild nature of Britney’s life “Circus” that directly followed her prior daredevil album “Blackout”. It marked a return back to the pop-music roots that had helped drive Spears into fame.

“Womanizer” (2008)

Her next single to hit Billboard’s #1 spot on the Hot 100 since she debuted, this song served to help bring Britney back from all the drama she dealt with in 2007, proving she still had all her skill and could wow the crowds like always.

“Hold It Against Me” (2011)

The next of Spear’s hit songs to reach Billboard’s #1 Hot 100 spot, this was a track perfectly engineered to get people dancing, especially coupled with Britney’s trademark stylish music videos; this time featuring a more futuristic engine. A decade after her debut and Spears was still able to crank out mega-hits.

“3” (2011)

Despite the title and video length at over 3 minutes, this track was yet another one of Britney’s to reach Billboard’s #1 Hot 100 spot; once again proving that Spears’s is an absolute powerhouse at creating hits. This song combines Spears’s domain of pop with electronic beats and a rather suggestive undertone.

“Work B**ch” (2013)

Oddly motivational, this song’s music video has been considered to be one of her best, and didn’t shy out on dishing out the harsh truths of how Britney got to be where she was in the lyrics.



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