Five similarities between Fayrouz, Greek Haris Alexiou



Sat, 25 Nov 2017 - 08:52 GMT


Sat, 25 Nov 2017 - 08:52 GMT

Fayrouz on Stage - Photo Courtesy - Wikipedia

Fayrouz on Stage - Photo Courtesy - Wikipedia

CAIRO – 25 November 2017: Egypt Today represents another story celebrating

Fayrouz’s birthday

, who turned 82-years-old earlier this week.

Conveying Fayrouz’s treasured impact on the Mediterranean music, here is a list of the similarities between Fayrouz and her Greek reflection Haris Alexiou.

photo_(1) (1)
Haris Alexiou on stage [Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia]

Both are considered as the top of the greatest female voices in the history of Mediterranean music. They cooperated with the biggest lyricists and composers in their time. In addition, they both added effective contributions to eastern music. Besides, both legendary singers carried the same remarkable national and international fame.

Spontaneous and cheerful live mood

Carrying out exceptional cheerful performances, Fayrouz’s concerts introduced impressive live performances. She provided her concerts with different entertaining forms, such as Dabka (folk dances).

Fayrouz on stage [Photo Courtesy: YouTube]

Fayrouz while playing folk percussions live [Photo Courtesy: YouTube]

Also, Alexiou brought this satisfying mood through bringing Zorba (Greek folk dance) and instruments to the stage again.

Haris Alexiou on Stage [Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia]

Haris Alexiou and Greek singer Alkinoos Ioannidis playing folk percussions on the stage [Photo Courtesy: YouTube]

Combining Folk melodies with modern musical trends

Fayrouz not only represented Lebanese folk heritage in terms of music and performance, she also widened the trends of oriental music through merging jazz, blues and symphonic tunes.

Her innovating contributions created a new direction of oriental music.

Fayrouz with her guitar [Photo Courtesy ]

Succeeding to keep the notable sounds of Greek folk music, Alexiou added impressive universal music melodies, which led her to be on the top of Greek pop singers.

photo (1)
Alexiou with her guitar [Photo Courtesy]

Sharing same universal themes

Both legends introduced a number of universal themes, such as childhood, peace, family, nature and love.

Fayrouz veiled [Photo Courtesy: Pinterest]

Alexiou veiled [Photo Courtesy: Pinterest]

Recognized as the perfect mourning sounds

Known as the Arabic morning coffee, Fayrouz carried a calming and enjoyable voice. Her voice takes you through a spiritual and relaxing atmosphere to the top of the moon.

Her angelic voice is always the best way for starting a new day.

Fayrouz with her cup of coffee [photo Courtesy: Pinterest]

While Alexiou’s unique Byzantium singing steals your ears, it also drives your feelings to experience the salty taste of the Mediterranean; you will have a trip to the lands of Greece.

Alexiou with her flowers [Photo Courtesy: Pinterest]

Covering International compositions

Throughout their careers, both covered many international compositions; for example, Fayrouz introduced Arabic versions for universal Christmas songs, such “Silent Night” and “Lailet Aid”.

Meanwhile, Alexiou covered the famous “Tango to Evora” song, and she re-contextualized one of the Greek myths and added it to the borrowed song.



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