5 minutes with expert painter, Bab 18 director Dina Swiffy



Thu, 16 Nov 2017 - 04:50 GMT


Thu, 16 Nov 2017 - 04:50 GMT

Dina Swiffy - Photo Courtesy: Dina Swiffy

Dina Swiffy - Photo Courtesy: Dina Swiffy

CAIRO – 16 November 2017: Turning vast white ceramic plates to wonderful painting production, young talented painter Dina Swiffy opens the gates to the world of color.

Swiffy is not only a skilled painter, but also a director of cultural venue Bab 18. Swiffy spoke with Egypt Today about her works and provided her cultural insights.

1- Tell us about your artistic career?
I started my artistic career when I joined an events company in 2016 and I started my work as a manager at Bab 18 artspace.


2- Being a manager of cultural Bab 18, how do you assess the cultural and artistic scene in Egypt ?

The cultural and artistic scene in Egypt is booming in a way, but it is still very poor. The percent of those interested in art in Egypt does not exceed 22%.


3- Tell us what Bab 18 has in store for 2018.
Actually we have been planning to take things one step further. By the beginning of the next year, we will start to make our brand in the local store and accordingly, we will put our first step in the exportation level to foreign countries. Here at Bab 18, we have already inspired and educated up to 3,000 people since our inauguration, to date.

Moreover, for 2018 we are targeting to reach 5,000 people with the help of our professional, talented instructors and artists. On the other hand, we will put all our effort and interest to a next level in term of affecting the social life and its complication through our ideas and products. Our motive is just simple like that: imagination and simplicity is the key of success.

4- What inspires you to produce your art?
The flowers inspired me as did the old and vintage architecture, the Islamic art, and the Coptic icons. Also, music affects my painting and drawing.

5- Tell us about some of the techniques you use in your art works?
I love water color painting, so I think—what if I reflect the effect of watercolor on plates. I always use the watercolor technique in my art works with different materials, and I found amazing feedback as well as popularity. I use also the vintage technique, where I use the harmony of colors on buildings. I am interested in the abstract school so I always see the things in different way full of colors.

6- Tell us about a special project you worked on.

My special project was with foundation that helps women and kids to learn arts and handicrafts to eventually money. I would teach kids and teenagers how to use the colors on plates and how to draw in simple, easy way to produce a beautiful plate for decoration. Actually, that’s my only success: that I collaborated in a great project like that in our society.




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