DIFF announced the final eight films to participate in Muhr Short Film Competition



Wed, 08 Nov 2017 - 05:54 GMT


Wed, 08 Nov 2017 - 05:54 GMT

DIFF official logo - Photo Courtesy: DIFF official website

DIFF official logo - Photo Courtesy: DIFF official website

CAIRO – 8 November 2017: The Dubai International Film Festival board announced on 8 November the final eight films that complete the Muhr short film competition line up for the 14th DIFF. The festival will run during 6-13 December. The total number of the selected films competing in the official Muhr Short Film competition reached 15.

The final eight selected films are:

Into Reverse
AN Egyptian short film directed by Noha Adel, premiering at DIFF. It captures the daily situations female drivers in Egypt face.

The Crossing
A Palestinian-Jordanian film by Amen Nayfeh revolves around Shady and his sister. They are to visit their grandfather on the other side of the wall, although after having the required permit they still are unable to pass through.

The President’s Visit
After its first premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Lebanese film ‘The President’s Visit’ will participate in the official competition. This film was written by Lebanese screenwriter and director Cyril Aris. It tells the story of a simple fisherman who knew about a secret visit by the President.

Blue Fly Road
A Syrian film by filmmaker Bassam Chekhes, deeply capturing the life of two young boys, Abdulla and Ibrahim, who live in a forest. Every day, Abdulla goes outside the forest to get food and water for his brother, but one day Ibrahim has the chance for the first time to leave the forest.

A Scene from one of the participating films [Photo Courtesy: DIFF]

City Soul
A film by Hicham Lasri, it narrates the story of a young boy who aims to find his soul in the beautiful landscapes of Casablanca.

Another Lebanese film participating in the competition. Tashwesh is a film by Lebanese filmmaker Fayrouz Serhal. It premiered for the first time at the Locarno International Film Festival.

It focuses on the situation of football fans while they are waiting for the first match in the FIFA world cup. While people are obsessed with the match, the lives of the other people go on normally.

A film made by Lebanese filmmaker Talal Khoury, reflecting the passion of people to escape to the sea away from wars.

When the Sky Began to Scream
The only Tunisian film in the competition, it is by Filmmaker Kays Mejri and focuses on belief in good and bad omens. Layla and Samy get lost on one of the roads and they meet a number of gravediggers. Layla thinks that this accident is a bad omen for her unborn child.

A Scene from one of the participated films [Photo Courtesy: DIFF]

The 14th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival will commence on December 6 through December 13 , and will showcase well over 120 original films from the Arab world and beyond, promoting new talent and creativity.



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