Shadia transferred from El Asema hospital



Sun, 05 Nov 2017 - 02:41 GMT


Sun, 05 Nov 2017 - 02:41 GMT

Shadia expressing her wish to have kids in an interview with old magazine-Egypt Today

Shadia expressing her wish to have kids in an interview with old magazine-Egypt Today

CAIRO – 5 November 2017: The veteran Egyptian singer and actress Shadia was transferred from El Asema hospital to El Galaa military hospital in order to provide optimal treatment to the heartthrob artist. The great singer was subject to intensive care at El Asema hospital after a minor brain stroke, media reports affirmed Saturday.

Sources close to the great singer speculated that Shadia’s family did not want to announce that she is hospitalized, to avoid people’s swarming them. At this time she is in deep need of rest and treatment, so they preferred to deny the news of her severe illness.

Facebook users shared an old photo of the great artist taken from an old magazine. "My greatest secret wish that nobody knows is to have a dozen children when I turn 50,’’ Shadia said in the old magazine. Shadia has never had children.

She was dubbed Dalouet El Cinem (cinema’s sweetheart) by her loyal fans from all over the Arab world. Her fans consider her as their dear sweetheart singer. Shadia has enriched the Egyptian art with about 114 songs spanning over 37 years. She was enchanting with her melodious charming voice and light-heartedness.


Shadia’s birth name is Fatema shaker. The 86-year-old played various roles and nailed movie genres that range from political to emotional and comic farce. She began her acting career in 1947 at the age of 16, She usually played the role of a lively young girl. She started her singing career in 1953.

One of her most iconic roles was Soheir, the famous actress who falls in love with the less prominent Ibrahim in the romantic classic movie ‘’Maaboudet El Gamahir’’ (the People's Idol). In addition to her diverse roles, she will always remain a prolific singer whose songs remain favorites on many playlists. In fact, 25 years after retiring and completely disappearing from the limelight, her song “Ya Habebty ya Masr” (Egypt is my Beloved) became the voice of the 25th of January Revolution.

After her last role in “La Taslani Man Ana” (Don’t Ask Me Who I Am) she officially announced her retirement in the late 80s. Even at the age of 86, Shadia is still in our hearts, screens and playlists. Egypt Today wishes a speedy recovery for Egypt’s sweetheart singer.



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