Ancient Egypt IV: Did ancient Egyptians have a dress code?



Mon, 30 Oct 2017 - 03:42 GMT


Mon, 30 Oct 2017 - 03:42 GMT

Ancient Egyptian celebration [Photo Courtesy: Pinterest]

Ancient Egyptian celebration [Photo Courtesy: Pinterest]

CAIRO – 30 October 2017: Secrets about ancient Egyptians still unveil. All throughout history researchers managed to uncover many fragmented truths around their magnificent civilization. Egypt Today explores the common dress code among Egypt’s long ancestors as part of the ongoing series on ancient Egyptians’ social life.

Inscriptions, paintings, and status enhanced the scholars’ knowledge regarding fashion in ancient Egyptian society.

Firstly, ancient Egyptian designers cared about the surrounding weather and the nature of Egypt. Due to the geographic location, Egypt’s hot, dry weather in the summer obliged Egyptians to rely on light fabric clothing such as linen. Mainly, ancient Egyptians at first used to wear white clothes but later on incorporated colors such as red, blue and gold with white.

Later on, more materials were also used such as leather and wool, in addition to the many decorations that were added to their clothes.

Ancient Egyptian King and Queen [Photo Courtesy: Pinterest]

The early dress code was a piece of cloth shaped into a skirt. It was the simple main design that was improved afterwards. For kings, this skirt was provided with a belt to carry hunting tools.

The noble class had certain dress codes, for example they wore short kits, and necklaces, while in the middle ages they upgraded to mid-calf kilts with large aprons and necklaces. In more modern periods, men wore knee-length shirts, loincloths or kilts made of linen, and leather loincloths, according to data published by the Canadian Museum of History website.

Noble women, on the other hand, were known for their elaborately decorated dresses, jewelry, hair ornaments and scented cones.

In regards to commoners, men kept using short skirts and women kept using long skirts. Generally, they kept simple designs or maybe some few ornamented parts.

Ancient Egyptian Man and Women [Photo Courtesy: Pinterest]

A woman in ancient Egypt was an icon of beauty, and they were amongst the earliest women to introduce make up. Ancient Egyptian women were known for their thickly lined eyelids and red lipsticks.

They also dyed their hair with different natural materials such as henna.

Long-sleeved dresses, short dresses, or even pleated dress were some of the designs worn by Egyptian woman.

Ancient Egyptian Costumes [Photo Courtesy: Pinterest]



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