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Today in History – U.S. Sitcom ‘Roseanne’ debuts

Wed, Oct. 18, 2017
CAIRO – 18 October 2017: October 18 marks the debut of the hit American Television sitcom "Roseanne," which helped subvert the usual sitcom formula by having the housewife be the central character; in addition to portraying her as overweight and abrasive, unafraid to speak her mind.

First airing in 1988, “Roseanne” starred Roseanne Barr in the title role as Roseanne Connor, and featured a cast that included John Goodman as her husband Dan Connor, a young

George Clooney

, Laurie Metclaff, Michael Fishman, and more.

The plot of the show followed the Connors, a working-class family of five in Illinois as they struggled with life’s problems, going through all its ups and downs together. The show’s fresh take on the family sitcom formula allowed it to become an instant success; the show would run for nine seasons until 1997, garnering three Golden Globe awards.

Recently, it was announced that the show would return to its original network ABC in 2018, with the original cast set to reunite.
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