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Mohamed Ramadan begins filming El-Diesel

Tue, Oct. 17, 2017
CAIRO - 17 October 2017: The popular Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan will start shooting his new movie titled ‘’El-Diesel’’ on Saturday, October 21.

The movie has a notable cast along with Ramadan, such as Fathy Abdel Wahab, Hana Shiha, Mohamed Tharwat, Shaimaa Seif, Tamer Hagrass, Yasmine Sabri among others. The movie is written by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mehrez, and directed by Karim al-Sobky.

It is worth mentioning that Ramadan’s latest movie ‘’ El-Kenz’’ (The treasure) is currently screening in Egyptian cinemas, achieving high revenues. El-Kenz’s storyline spans from the Pharaonic period of Egyptian history all the way to the 1970s, passing by the Abbasid and Ottoman periods. The plot revolves around corruption and how religious figures impose their authority over politics to secure high positions and power, focusing on the risks related to mixing religion with politics.

The administration of the Cairo International Film Festival, taking place at the Opera House from November 21-30, specifically asked for the participation of this film.

Directed by the veteran filmmaker Sherif Arafa, the film is starring Mohamed Ramadan, and the cast includes Amina Khalil, Sawsan Badr, Mohy Ismail, Mohamed Saad, Hend Sabry and Ahmed Rezk.
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