Heliopolis Public Library hosts Picasso seminar



Sun, 15 Oct 2017 - 04:57 GMT


Sun, 15 Oct 2017 - 04:57 GMT

Pablo Picasso [Photo: Wikipedia]

Pablo Picasso [Photo: Wikipedia]

CAIRO – 15 October 2017: Heliopolis Public Library will host a seminar about the iconic Spanish painter Pablo Picasso on October 15.

The seminar is called “Picasso, Tradition Breaker” and will be headed by the artist Amany Saa’d.

Fragmented from a promotional material [photo: Event official Facebook page]

Saa’d will explain the different stages of Picasso’s art, starting with his realistic work to the cubism style he pioneered.

A Woman with Mustard Pot Portrait [Photo: Wikipedia]
A detailed critical reading of Picasso’s paintings will be given by Saa’d.

Picasso was poet, writer, painter, sculptor, stage designer, and printmaker.

A Girl with a Mandoline [Photo: Wikipedia]

Co-founding the cubism movement and collage, and also inventing the constructed sculpture made him one of the greatest influential artists in the 20th century.

The Old Guitarist [Photo: Wikipedia]

Due to his massive experimental processes, his works are classified in a number of phases such as Blue Period, African Art Primitivism, Surrealism and Neoclassicism and Synthetic Cubism.

A Boy with a Pipe [Photo: Wikipedia]

Picasso produced 50,000 works of art throughout his life.

800px-Pablo_Picasso,_1913-14,_L_Homme_aux_cartes_(Card_Player),_oil_on_canvas,_108_x_89.5_cm,_Museum_of_Modern_Art,_New_York Card Player [Photo: Wikipedia]



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