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Sun, 08 Oct 2017 - 01:20 GMT


Sun, 08 Oct 2017 - 01:20 GMT

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Shoubra Misr Cover]

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Shoubra Misr Cover]

CAIRO – 8 October 2017: Egypt Today recommends the best selection from the 2017 bestseller literary books in celebration of Bookshop day.

“Shoubra Misr” by Medhat al-Adl
“Shoubra Misr” is the latest poetry volume by the Egyptian author and poet Medhat al-Adl.

It reviews a number of situations in Adl’s personal and professional life with different persons. He aims to shed light on many social values in the Egyptian society that have become lost due to globalization, political and social crises. The book is named "Shoubra Misr" to depict Adl’s beliefs that were formed in that old part of Shoubra city.

He believes that Shoubra is a cosmopolitan neighborhood; it features a harmonic atmosphere where different races, religions and classes live side by side.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Shoubra Misr Cover]

“Rehlet El Dam… Al-Qatala al-Awael” [The Journey of Blood… Early Killers] by Ibrahim Eissa
Although it was released in the last days of 2016, it managed to head the bestseller lists in Cairo International Book Fair in 2017. “Rehlet al-Dam… Al-Qatala al-Awael” is the latest historical novel by the Egyptian author and journalist Ibrahim Eissa. He retells the story of the murder of Uthman Ibn Affan.

Eissa tries to document a very sensitive phase in Islamic history, especially the fights between Al-Hussein and Muawiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Rehlet al-Dam Cover]

“Dialah” by Lamiaa al-Saeed
“Dialah” is the latest novel by Lamiaa al-Saeed. She tries to discover the myth and the truth of her legend Dialah. The novel combines horror, fantasy, and adventure.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Dialah Cover]

“Emra'a Be Taam al-Toot” [A Berry-Flavored Woman] by Hala al-Matary

It is a social intellectual novel released in 2017. It narrates challenges that women face in the Egyptian society.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Emra'a Be Taam al-Toot Cover]

“Kol Haza al-Horaa’” [All This Crap] by Ezzedine Choukri Fishere
In his realistic social novel, Fishere mentions the changes in the Egyptian society after January 25 Revolution. His book features stories from Al-Tahrir square mixed with daily disappointments, wounds and pain.

The Camel Battle, Port Said massacre, and Rabaa sit-in and other main events that followed January 25, 2011were connected together through the novel’s hero Omar’s narration.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Kol Haza al-Horaa’ Cover]

”An Tabqa” [To Stay] by Khawla Hamdy

It is a new romantic novel by Khawla Hamdy who is well known for “Fy Qalby Ontha Ebreya” [A Hebrew Woman Resides in My Heart] and “Ghorbet al-Yasmin” [The Estrangement of Jasmine].

Women, as usual, is the main topic in Hamdy’s novels. “An Tabqa” focuses on the rebellious side of a woman who grows tired of everything around her; everything turns so cold, so gloomy. She decides to end her routine life and walks closer to death.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: An Tabqa Cover]

”Sakhret Beethoven” [Beethoven’s Rock] by Mohamned Dawood
It is a social critical novel. Dawood reflects on different Egyptian models trapped in a microbus, who subsequently have an accident.

Nobody was injured, but due to many fights in the car, a man was killed by mistake.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Al-Diwan al-Awal Cover]

The shock of the murder leads the travelers to think deeply about their lives.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Sakhret Beethoven Cover]

“Al Diwan al-Awal” [The First Volume] by Hisham al-Gakh
It is considered one of the top bestseller books due to Gakh’s unique style and his Upper Egyptian accent and tones in his poems.

The volume contains the most famous poems by Gakh such as “Goha,” “Talat Kherfan” [Three Sheeps], “Isis” and “Mateza'alesh” [Do not be Sad].

The poems have various topics as social, political and satirical topics.

“Sa Arhal” [I will Leave] by Sandra Serag
It is a romantic novel that reviews the relation between a man and a woman.

The author stated in the prologue of the novel, “I have accepted your cruelty, and your unforgiving soul. It is holds the minor mistakes to prove that the guilt is mine.”

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Sa Arhal Cover]

“Emra'a Be Ta'am al-Vodka [A Vodka-Flavored Woman] by Gehad al-Sisi

It is a new short story collection that focuses on the daily situations in a woman’s life, where she tries to break the stereotypical images of women in the society.

Fragmented from a promotional Material [photo: Emra'a Be Ta'am al-Vodka Cover]



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