Sheikh Jackson rakes in high revenues from day one


Sat, 07 Oct 2017 - 01:21 GMT

Sheikh Jackson Poster – Press Material

Sheikh Jackson Poster – Press Material

CAIRO- 7 October 2017: Sheikh Jackson screened for the first time in every Egyptian Cinema on Wednesday, October 4. The film managed to rake in LE 450,000 ($25,000) in its first day, and by the second day it acquired LE 900,000, reaching total revenue in the first two days of LE 1,350,000.

“Sheikh Jackson” stars Ahmed al-Fishawy and revolves around the death of “The King of Pop”

Michael Jackson.

The plotline focuses on a studying imam who loves Jackson’s music and imitates the pop star’s performances. His strong relationship with a Salafi reflects the contradictions in his life. Upon Jackson’s death, when the student has grown older to become an imam, he goes on an inner Sufi quest to seek answers to his existential questions.

The film poster, released by the production company, depicts the protagonist, played by Fishawy, dressed as a Salafi sheikh and posing in a Jackson dance move, wearing Jackson’s signature hat. The movie’s director, Amr Salama, stated, “The story of the movie is personal and deep, as I am narrating a very private story.”

“Sheikh Jackson” was the opening movie for the first edition of El-Gouna Film Festival, which took place from September 22-29. The film also screened in the 61st London Film Festival, which kicked off on October 4.

Egypt has selected Amr Salama’s “Sheikh Jackson” as its candidate for consideration at the upcoming edition of the Oscars, set to take place in February 2018.



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