Luxor, Aswan expect a high turnout in visitors thisWinter


Thu, 05 Oct 2017 - 08:10 GMT

Entrance to Luxor Temple, Egypt - MusikAnimal - Wikimedia Commons

Entrance to Luxor Temple, Egypt - MusikAnimal - Wikimedia Commons

CAIRO – 5 October 2017: Egyptian temples and Tombs East and West of Luxor are witnessing high turnout of tourists as weather improves and the summer season coming to an end. Numbers of tourists are starting to notably increase, reaching more than 2500 tourists for the past week.

Al Taib Abdullah, a tour guide, told Egypt Today: the rate of visitors is expected to gradually increase in Luxor and Aswan as their beloved season, winter, arrives. Adding that he accompanies tourists of many nationalities every day on tour through

Karnak Temple

, Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, the Ramesseum, Colossi of Memnon and the different tombs East and West of Luxor.

As for the governor’s secretary, Hatem Zein Al-Abdeen, he stated: We are fully prepared with all our sectors for the winter season and are ready to provide the best service to our visitors. Assuring that the coming period will witness many events and conferences, all this comes as a part of the government’s plan to support the tourism sector and help promote tourism.

On the other hand, TaherEisa, head of the Tourism Authority Office in Luxor stated that the ETA has made full preparations for the winter season with promotional and informative brochures and posters and distributing them to tourist groups and temples, and tombs. Eisa added that during the past two weeks, occupancy rates in hotels have increased to more than 35 per cent, which indicates that this season will be quite successful.



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