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Tue, 03 Oct 2017 - 03:34 GMT


Tue, 03 Oct 2017 - 03:34 GMT

Pianist Santiago Beniroa and soprano Zolimar Lópezarios  - File Photo

Pianist Santiago Beniroa and soprano Zolimar Lópezarios - File Photo

CAIRO – 3 October 2017: "Egypt is the dream of any international artist or musician," stated world recognized Soprano Zolimar Lópezarios and famous pianist Santiago Beniroa at their first concert in Egypt that was held in the Cairo Opera House in celebration of Mexican national day.

Soprano Zolimar Lópezarios is also known as a professor in music colleges in Mexico and has taught music lessons at the Higher Institute of Music in Mexico. Lópezarios has studied music at the Conservatoire and participated in many world concerts, performing Mexican and international songs.

Pianist Santiago Benyarwa meanwhile is a young artist known for his high efficiency and great performance, and is quite renowned in his country and in Latin America.

That was the first time the two Mexican artists visit Egypt; they spoke to Egypt Today about their first music concert in the country. They are well known for being members of the National Institute of Fine Arts that holds a major role in preserving Mexican culture worldwide.

ET: What do you think of Egypt, since this is your first visit to the country?

Zolimar Lópezarios (ZL): I am very impressed to be present in the land of ancient civilization and cultures.

Egypt is an ancient country with a history that has been in existence for thousands of years and is very similar to the heritage and history of Mexico, so we love it so much.
ET: Are you planning to hold other concerts again in Egypt?
ZL: Yes, We wish to come again to Egypt. I think this will not be the last time. Singing in Egypt has a special spot for any international singer who values art and heritage.

ET: Do you think Egyptians are able to accept Mexican art?
ZL: Of course, I expect that. Egyptians have a great taste in music and art in all its forms. I expect that Mexican art will be given a great deal of acceptance where they will enjoy listening to Mexican songs despite the language barrier.

Music is able to touch the hearts and emotions and has the potential to penetrate into the human body even though the meanings of words may not be understood, but music is understandable.

Pianist Santiago Beniroa and soprano Zolimar Lópezarios - File Photo

ET: Do you think that Egyptian artists are capable of global competition?
ZL: Yes, I think Egyptian artists can compete at the global level. Egypt has a long history of art and music and is rich in heritage, inspiring the entire world.

ET: Are you considering teaching music and the art of opera in Egypt?
ZL: I teach music in two colleges in Mexico, and I am happy to come to Egypt to teach, but I am always doing many tours to many countries around the world. During my visits to those countries I am given the opportunity to lecture students in the music institutes of those countries, I never hesitate. The same goes for Egypt, I wish to teach the Mexican operatic techniques to the gifted Egyptian students.

Pianist Santiago Beniroa and soprano Zolimar Lópezarios - File Photo

ET: Do you think that Mexican music is capable of rapprochement between the Egyptian people and their Mexican counterparts?
ZL: Yes. I see that art of all kinds, whether singing, acting, painting, or music, brings people closer. It is the closest way to bring cultures together.

ET: Are you planning to visit Cairo again?
Santiago Beniroa (SB): Egypt is a powerful country whose culture dates back to thousands of years, it is not only rich in pharaonic civilization but also rich with wonderful people, I certainly will visit it again.

ET: Have you enjoyed touring Egypt?
SB: To begin with, you must know that in spite of the current tourism situation in Egypt, I am very sure that Egypt will come back soon to lead the world in the field of tourism, and you will recover quickly, because this is a temporary situation. Egypt's location and status are unique throughout the world, and I have been very much enjoying my presence here.

Both artists are hoping that Egyptian artists will pay a visit to Mexico and perform concerts.
“I am fascinated to be present in the land of civilizations and I shall advise my country's officials to encourage tourism to it,” concluded Zolimar Lópezarios.



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