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Film Night at ADEF

Mon, Oct. 2, 2017
CAIRO – 2 October 2017: ADEF will host the event “Kameloh Maana El Film” (Help Us Finish the Film) initiative to support “Hamam Sokhn” (Warm Shower) film production by screening a short film entitled “Aida” on October 5.

The makers of the film will discuss production problems and the story of the film.

“Hamam Sokhn” narrates the story of three different women in three different places during the January 25 Revolution.

Its makers tried to produce the film for many years.

“Aida,” directed by Maysoon El Masri, is about the oldest flower seller in Alexandria, who is 86 years old. “Aida” speaks about her daily journey.

The discussion will be headed by Egyptian writer and critic Mohamed El Masri, Egyptian author Rasha Ezzat, Tarek Shalaby and Egyptian director Maysoon El Masri.
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