Overview: Rediscovering the forgotten Seti I Temple



Thu, 28 Sep 2017 - 03:54 GMT


Thu, 28 Sep 2017 - 03:54 GMT

Seti I Temple - via Flickr

Seti I Temple - via Flickr

CAIRO – 28 September 2017: Egypt is full of amusing places to visit. Unfortunately, people just focus on the few known ones. Egypt Today decided to shed light on the forgotten beauty of the Abydos Temple, and the splendor of King Set I’s temple as well.

Seti I is one of the least known Ancient Egyptian kings; he belonged to the new kingdom dynasty of Egypt, and managed to restore order in Egypt after the massive social upheaval caused by Akhenaten religious reform. He also managed to enhance Egyptian sovereignty through many military campaigns to Asia and Libya.



His temple, Seti I Temple, is located in Abydos city, which was known as the center of Osiris’s cult, since Ancient Egyptians thought that Osiris was buried in Abydos.

The temple consists of a pylon, two open courts, two hypostyle halls, and seven shrines. The temple also has the Ancient List of the Kings that contains the names of 76 Egyptian kings starting from Meni.

The temple is of great importance because it enabled historians know more about Ancient Egyptian kings. However, the list omitted many names such as Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, and Tutankhamen.

Its walls are characterized by detailed scenes of Osiris’s cult worshipping, and royal life as well. Unlike other artifacts in Egypt, the decorations have maintained their details and colors’ vibrancy.

Despite its location in the desert, the poor restoration process, and ignorance that threatens it, many visitors still make the trip to visit the temple.

Many recent photos captured underground water conquering the foundations of the building.





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