Hawas follows up restoration work at Djoser Pyramid


Tue, 26 Sep 2017 - 11:00 GMT

Zahy Hawas - Facebook Official Page

Zahy Hawas - Facebook Official Page

GIZA, Egypt – 27 September 2017: Renowned Egyptian Archaeologist Zahi Hawas on Tuesday followed up the restoration work being carried out at the Djoser Pyramid in an effort to consolidate the 4,600-year-old monument against time.

Hawas, who heads a committee on the inspection of the restoration work, demanded, during a meeting with the panel members, that the southern first step of the pyramid be brought back to its previous condition.

He said that visitors should notice no difference between the original body of the pyramid and restored parts.

Meanwhile, Egyptian archaeology expert Ali Abu Deshish said the Djoser Pyramid is a landmark in the Egyptian architecture as it marked the transformation from the use of mud-bricks to the large-scale stone construction.

Djoser pyramid is the first stone structure in history, which was built by King Djoser, a king of Egypt’s third dynasty, another official stated.



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