A Tour in Cairo Comix's "Sendas" [Paths/Masarat] Exhibition



Tue, 26 Sep 2017 - 07:46 GMT


Tue, 26 Sep 2017 - 07:46 GMT

Fragmented from a promotional material [Cairo Comix Festival Official Website]

Fragmented from a promotional material [Cairo Comix Festival Official Website]

CAIRO – 26 September 2017: Egypt Today Staff continued its tour in the exhibitions of the third Cairo Comix Festival.

The next stop was at Sendas or Paths exhibition [Masarat] at Future Hall. It is an exhibition to express the progress of Spanish graphic stories.

The works and the biography for ten Spanish artists and painters were displayed through the days of the festival.

Ten leading artists highlight the history of the Spanish methodology in Graphic stories. The featured artists were: Paco Roca, Miguelanxo Prado, Juan Díaz Canales, Alfonso Zapico, Javi Rey, José Luis Munuera, Emma Ríos, Xulia Vicente y Manuel Gutiérrez, Francisco Ruizge y Cristina Florido and Alberto Madrigal.

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

It was the first exhibition for Spanish graphic story. The exhibited was opened in the attendance of the Spanish artist Alphonso Zapico. It was organized by Fanar Foundation.

Each artist has its own mark in her/his works. The style of the displayed works were various, there are black and white painting, all in red paintings, sociopolitical criticism, and social emotional situations.

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

Each exhibited work reflects a certain progress in the road of Spanish graphic story.

Manuel Gutierrez and Xulia Vicente cooperated together to combine a classic Anime sign which is the dragon in the frame of Spanish adventures.

They produced a number of adventure graphic stories which carry the elements of attraction while its complexity.

Their stories characterized by detailed drawings and impressive usage of different colors.

Jose Luis Munuera is an iconic Spanish painter who supported his presence in the French scene.

He produced more than 20 graphic story albums. He follows the classic Belgian graphic story school.

A magical life of the pirates, with its minor characters, conflicts, wars, dramatic techniques are presented in his works.

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

His works are characterized by the usage of warm colors as Red and Orange.

Javi Rey started his career in France too. His paintings carry severe caring of details.

His exhibited work discusses the hard conditions in the Spanish countryside as poverty, that is why he used very cold gloomy colors as dark Blue and gray.

Emma Rios is a painter and she studied engineering. Her works talk about the human and science. Her leading work discussed how human becomes a prisoner for science.

She used different degrees of red to reflect the dangerous of these demons.

Juan Diaz Canales is one of the leading Spanish artists. He reflects a number of serious economic and social issues for example the suffering of retired men.

The events of his stories took place in remarkable known places in addition to fictional unknown locations. He focused on black and white colors.

Alberto Madrigal belonged to the lost generation due to the hard economic crisis in Spain.

He depends on pale images and colors with focusing on the details of the location.

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

His characters expressions are simple and give the reader space to add his/her interpretations.

Finally, Cristina Florida and Francisco Ruizge cooperated on project to reflect many love stories.

Their works focused on narrating consecutive events using squares.

Using gray as drawing by a pencil style is another main characteristic in their works.

Generally, the hall was somehow calm, where visitors could easily browse the artwork in peace.

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

The organization of the exhibition was very good and the brief biographies about the artists were useful.

The work was displayed in an attractive and an organized way.

It is great that Egyptian audience had the chance to see something unique and impressive.

Cairo Comix is an artistic celebration that aims to gather Egyptians ranging between local and international comic book artists; the festival seeks to provide for the first time numerous prizes such as Best Published Graphic Novel in Arabic, according to the festival’s Facebook page.

Featuring talks, workshops, comic book sales and exhibitions, the festival shed light on trending art projects through bringing together artists, competitors, experts and fans in the same place.

Cairo Comix Festival is about the evolution of the independent art movement in Egypt and more broadly the Middle East and North Africa region.

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

By Egypt today staff

It held a competition among the participants in different categories including Best Printed Graphic Novel, Best Graphic Short Story published in a book, magazine, or newspaper, and Best Stripped Bar published in magazine or newspaper.

Other categories were provided such as, Best Printed Magazine, Best Electronic Post that was never printed, and Best Project Under Establishment.

Famous guests attended the festival such as writer and painter, Mohamed Salah from Egypt, and painter and story writer, Alfonso Zapico from Spain.



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