Ahmed El Fishawy apologizes for his controversial behavior on stage at GFF


Sun, 24 Sep 2017 - 03:03 GMT

Ahmed El Fishawy and actress Salma Abu Deif (Photo: file photo)

Ahmed El Fishawy and actress Salma Abu Deif (Photo: file photo)

CAIRO – 24 September 2017: Actor Ahmed al-Fishawy posted a video on social media to apologize for the improper word in El Gouna Festival’s opening ceremony.

Fishawy said, “I am sorry for what I have said in the opening ceremony; I have not meant to hurt anyone with my words; all I wanted is for people to enjoy watching the film with perfect conditions.”

He added that the organizers of the festival did a great job in producing and organizing such a great event, and that commands pride.

Fishawy expressed that the word that he said came up spontaneously, and he also expressed his deep apology to the audience.

In the opening ceremony of the festival, Fishawy appeared on the stage while introducing the opening film “Sheikh Jackson”, and stated “I hope we can watch the film on this sh---y thing,” referring to the wind-shaken screen.
A number of people from the audience and critics criticized Fishawy for his word, especially on social media.



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