Quirks at El Gouna Film Festival opening



Fri, 22 Sep 2017 - 09:56 GMT


Fri, 22 Sep 2017 - 09:56 GMT

Gouna Film Festival Stage (Photo: Egypt Today staff)

Gouna Film Festival Stage (Photo: Egypt Today staff)

HURGHADA, Egypt – 22 September 2017: A number of quirks prevailed at El Gouna Film Festival: a dusty gust of wind hit Hurghada and Egyptian stars Adel Imam and Ahmed Al-Fishawy mentioned going to the bathroom — the latter saying "shit" live on T.V.

After receiving his award, Imam appeared to lip-sync "I'm going to the bathroom" in Arabic on stage, albeit not on the microphone. The audience was amused and laughed at the joke of the beloved 77-year old.

Actor adel Imam

After that, young director Amr Salama, whose movie Sheikh Jackson was screened at the opening of the festival, enthusiastically asked the actors of the movie to take a picture on stage.

amr salama
Director Amr Salama

However, the protagonist of the movie, Fishawy, was missing. Salama said the controversial actor, 36, was in the bathroom, to the laughter of the audience.

Actor Ahmed Elfeshawy& actress Salma Abu Deif

After the actors left the stage, Fishawy appeared next to the presenter of the festival, took the microphone from her and said he hoped the audience would be able to watch the movie on "that shitty thing," referring to the massive screen shaking with the wind.

Egyptians largely find it inappropriate to use the said adjective on T.V. Nobody laughed, and the presenter awkwardly poked Fishawy to let go of the microphone.



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