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Grand Egyptian Museum to receive new antiques

Sun, Sep. 10, 2017
CAIRO -10 September 2017: The subsystem committee of Grand Egyptian Museum discussed the final plan of transferring huge and heavy antiques from the Egyptian museum in Al-Tahrir square to the grand Al-Remaya square, according to a statement released on Sunday by the Ministry of Antiquities.

Professor Tarek Tawfek, supervisor of Grand Egyptian Museum project, explained that the transportation of antiques is in preparation for the partial opening of the museum by 2018.

The committee is working on studies to find scientific solutions to transfer the antiques.

They are also seeking measures to save it, and plan to coordinate with all stakeholders.

Preparing a list of antiques that will be transferred is underway. The restoration process will be done by a team of restorers from two museums, and the Ministry of Antiquities will make full documentation for restoration and the transferring process.
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