Today in History: Grammy Award winning song No.1 hit


Wed, 30 Aug 2017 - 03:11 GMT

Christopher Cross (Photo: Wikimedia)

Christopher Cross (Photo: Wikimedia)

CAIRO – 30 August 2017: American singer-songwriter Christopher Cross released a song called “Sailing” that stayed as the number one hit song on August 30, 1980

The radio star has greatly contributed to pop history and his albums were one of the biggest soft-rock hit. Cross's first single, “Ride like the Wind” rose to as the #2 song on pop charts.

His other, “Sailing” won a Grammys award for Best Record and Best Song while Cross himself won awards for Best Album and Best New Artist. Despite his long success, Cross disappeared from the pop scene saying that he preferred an opposite path to the one he pursued.

Thirty years later, Cross continues to contribute to the recording career and released a new album called ‘Secret Ladder’ that revolves around contemporary concerns. The 13 tracks album was followed by another recent album called ‘Doctor Faith’ (2011), according to his biography on his official website.

The prominent songwriter passed on several classic hits such as ‘Ride Like the Wind’ and the Oscar-winning ‘Arthur’s Theme’ (Best That You Can Do) that remains a radio hit until this day.



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