Al Masryeen Ensemble returns to Cairo Opera House



Wed, 30 Aug 2017 - 02:46 GMT


Wed, 30 Aug 2017 - 02:46 GMT

Promo via CairoOperaHouse Official Facebook

Promo via CairoOperaHouse Official Facebook

CAIRO – 30 August 2017: Renowned Egyptian ensemble “El Masryeen” will perform live at the Cairo Opera House on September 7.

A number of the ensemble classic songs along with music by Amr Diab, Mohamed Mounir and Nagat will be performed within the concert.

Shenouda will participate with a number of young talented voices as Sara El Hawawry, Sara Medhat, and Ahmed Sayed.

El Masreeyen was formed by Hany Shenouda in 1977, to be one of the earliest ensembles in Egypt. It consists of Mona Aziz, Tahseen Yalmaz, Eman Younis, and Mamdouh Qasem.

The idea for El Masreeyen came after Shenouda’s performances with his band, where he introduced a number of Italian, Spanish and French songs.

After that, Shenouda decided to move this musical atmosphere to Arabic music while recording and composing Mohamed Mounir’s first album A’lemony Eeneky.

After Mounir’s first album, Shenouda started composing the first album for his ensemble entitled Love you..No [Bahebak..La2].

Mathsebosh Ya Banat, and Mashya El Sanyora are El Masryeen’s hits in 1970s and 1980s.

After the success that El Masreyeen gained, a wave of another ensembles existed in Egypt such as 4M by Ezzat Abu Ouf, El Asdekaa’ by Ammar El Sherei [The Friends] and the Teba band by Hussein and Mody El Emam.

Unfortunately, El Masreyeen was split up after a number of social issues of the number of vocalists in the band.

Recently, the band was reformed by Shenouda after the joining of a number of young voices.



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