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Restaurant in Chicago combines art and food

Wed, Aug. 23, 2017
CAIRO – 23 August 2017: Dubbed the 'best restaurant in America', Alinea Restaurant in Chicago provides a new dynamic to eating by turning food into a form of art. Part art museum, part restaurant, Alinea is a unique and fascinating experience that appeals both to aesthetic sensibilities and taste buds, creating art that is edible and food that is art.

Amongst their newest features is a unique dessert titled 'Paint,' which was done in collaboration with a local Chicago artist, according to Business Insider. Part of the dining experience involves painted panels hanging on the ceiling which are then taken down and used as both a canvas and a plate, as artisan chefs walk in and begin 'painting' the food onto the panel. Music plays to add to the mood, creating a richly unique experience.

Alinea's unique combination of art and food creates a dynamic, interactive experience for visitors; one may come in expecting to fill their belly and walk out artistically inspired as well.

Alinea is ranked the #1 restaurant in Chicago from 9,668 ratings on TripAd
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