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Balcon Heliopolis screening Closet Monster movie Monday

Sun, Aug. 6, 2017
CAIRO - 6 August 2017: Balcon Heliopolis will screen the film Closet Monster on 7August at 8:00 p.m.

Closet Monster is a drama mystery film written by Stephen Dub and released in Canada in 2015.

The film follows the life of a creative and driven teenager named Peter Madley (Jack Fulton). He falls into desperation due to the divorce of his parents and the memories of his turbulent childhood. Hence, he locked himself in his room and spoke to his hamster Buffy.

Buffy took him on a magical journey through adulthood and self-discovery.

The heroes of the film are Aaron Abrams (Peter Madly), Jack Fulton (Oscar Madly) and Joanne Kelly (Brin Madly).

It won the Best Canadian Feature award in the Toronto International Film Festival.
Balcon Heliopolis is a social hub that acts as a platform for the alternative arts scene in Cairo.
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