Lara Scandar gets out of comfort zone in ‘Out of the Blue’



Fri, 04 Aug 2017 - 11:48 GMT


Fri, 04 Aug 2017 - 11:48 GMT

 Lara Eskandar in Out of the blue program - photo still from performance

Lara Eskandar in Out of the blue program - photo still from performance

CAIRO – 4 August 2017: Egyptian singer Lara Scandar marked the first star appearance in Lebanese composer and music producer Jean-Marie Riachi’s newest project, “Out of the Blue.”

The program features various artists, including Maritta, Assi El-Hallani, Ayman El-Aatar, Nedaa Sharara and Moroccan star Saad Lamjarad, who appear in different episodes and take up different musical challenges, according to a press relase.

“We have launched a new online music platform and work space to cooperate with singers from the Arab world and create new distinctive voices from all music genres, remarked Riachi.

He added that “Out of the blow” is a musical challenge for both singers and musicians who are ready to revolutionize music revolutionize, creating distinctive experiences for listeners.

In the first episode, Scandar was asked to sing the 1950s song “Rock around the clock,” but with a twist. After much hesitation, she took the challenge and delivered a rendition of the song that is very different from the that she calls home. Statement.

“It was such a fun and exciting challenge working on ‘Out of the Blue’,” Scandar said. “It’s always an educational experience when you work on something outside of your comfort zone. You really get to discover a new side to your artistic self.”

Sandar said she’s looking forward to her audience listening to the new song, which will be released online soon.

According to the press release every 15 days, a different musical journey for each featured artist will be released, documenting the challenges, peaks and valleys faced in the making of the final song, followed by a music video echoing the end result.

Listen to Lara Escandar’s latest Lebanese single “Khalas Khalas,” here.



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