Arab singers up or down... their managers decide



Mon, 24 Jul 2017 - 05:51 GMT


Mon, 24 Jul 2017 - 05:51 GMT

Shereen and Yasser Khalil

Shereen and Yasser Khalil

CAIRO – 24 July 2017: Musician managers play a great role in an artist's life. They are almost unknown to the general public, but are considered as a key reason that artists rise to the top of the industry, or they can also be the source of their demise. That is why artists are very keen when it comes to choosing managers. Managers accompany them in every step of their career and consult them before taking any decisions. Some managers can become the turning point in an artist’s career by providing an extra push.

Singers are overwhelmed with their albums, concerts, events, interviews and sometimes movies. They are in the spotlight 24 hours a day. So, their managers spend most of the time with them, and sometimes they have to make many decisions for the artist. Singers sometimes prefer trust over professionalism. They might prefer a family member to fill that manager position. The brother of the singer is considered the best choice. Syrian singer Assala Nassry selected her brother Anas Nassry for that position. Lebanese star Nawal El Zoghby depends on her brother Marsel El-Zoghby. Najwa Karam depended on her brother Al-Haj Nicola Karam in the beginning of her career; she ran into financial problems and now she has a new manager named Tarek Abu Jawda.

Assala Nasry and Anis Nassry

Nawal and MArsel Al-Zoghby

Other singers have a strong bond with managers who help them get to the top. There are successful couples, like Lebanese star Nancy Ajram and Jiji Lamara. They have worked together since the start of her career. Jiji Lamara believed in Nancy’s talent and has supported her from the beginning. Today she is a superstar in the Arab world.

Lebanese singer Elissa and Amen Abi Yaghi are in a long-term relationship that started in the beginning of Elissa’s career. Elissa and Amen have made records and received many awards throughout their journey together.

Nancy Ajram and Jiji Lamara

Elissa and Amen Abi Yaghi

We might notice a huge turn around in an artist's career. We witness the affects of new managers and the positive change they bring to a career. Egyptian star Shereen Abdel Wahab made much better choices and performed better under the management of Yasser Khalil.



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