Rosetta Stone 3D scans available online for free


Mon, 24 Jul 2017 - 12:37 GMT

The Rosetta Stone – Courtesy of Wikimedia

The Rosetta Stone – Courtesy of Wikimedia

CAIRO – 24 July 2017: An artifact from Ancient Egypt, the Rosetta Stone, was scanned by the British Museum last week, allowing visitors a remarkable chance to view this ancient relic from the comfort of their own homes as if they were seeing it in person.

Discovered in 1799 during Napoleon's march through Egypt, the artifact was essential to understanding ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, as it was written in both Egyptian and Greek text.

As Greek was still understood, translators could then decipher many hieroglyphics for the first time ever, which was revolutionary for studying ancient Egypt. The artifact arrived at the British Museum in 1802, where it has remained ever since.

The stone was scanned via Sketchfab technology out of 228 HD photographs, and this is the first time the actual stone, and not a replica, has been scanned. A few other artifacts scanned by the museum included a bust of Greek god Zeus, Japanese netsuke figures and a statue of Ramesses II.

All these artifacts and more can be viewed for free online at the British Museum's website.



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