Coco Cabana at New Alamein Festival: “Taking Dogs Care To The Next Level”



Wed, 10 Jul 2024 - 11:36 GMT


Wed, 10 Jul 2024 - 11:36 GMT

Coco Cabana, owned by Nermin El Saadany and Hussein Ryad, provides all services related to dog care.




"Everything dogs need, from grooming, and caring, to feeding, fitness, entertainment, and medical care, we offer at Coco Cabana. We provide dogs with all the necessary care so that their owners can freely enjoy the various activities of the New Alamein Festival. “El Sadaany said.


El Sadaany added that Coco Cabana is collaborating with one of the best medical centers in Cairo led by Dr.Aziz Sharaf ELDin, a well-known veterinarian in Egypt, with a team of professional Vets for any emergencies that might arise during the New Alamein Festival season at the North Coast.
Coco Cabana also, is partnering with Pet Secert one of the very few dog salons in Egypt.
Originally based in Alexandria, Pet Secret provides a variety of professional haircuts for toy dogs and special care for dog fur in general.
The products we use are all handcrafted by MINU Soap with useful ingredients for the dog's skin and hair and 100% free of any chemicals or perservants.

El Saadany added that Coco Cabana will introduce some activities related to dog fitness or agility. "We work on the fitness of each dog because it helps positively drain their energy and leaves the dog calm and peaceful”.
EL Saadany explained:” We constructed our tracks and play time fields in a way that would allow every dog to play on his own with his coach. Contrary to popular belief, dogs don't prefer to socialize with other dogs. Their instincts and “alpha” characteristics might prevail and cause trouble among them.  So, we work on providing quality time to each dog individually, whether with his coach or even with his family if they like to play with him and spend some time.”
El Sadany added that one of her plans is to create a Free Dog Zone in selected gyms in Egypt. "So, for example, anyone can train on the treadmill while their dog is training beside them as well”, Coco Cabana aims to take dog care to the next level by working on each dog from all aspects, mentally and physically. We aspire to transform the dogs' energy and hyper activities into serene ones that ensure more enjoyment and safety for all. 

Children and young kids would also enjoy their time at Coco Cabana, Whether the child owns a dog or not, he/ she could come and play with selected dogs at our tracks.
Founder of Cuba Cabana announced:” Very exciting news in the second edition of the New Alamein Festival that we are planning to have,  that is the first fashion show for dogs. Dog fashion shows are popular abroad, but never in Egypt. We are bringing our expertise and style to the dog community at the second edition of the New Alamein Festival because we believe the community in the city of Alamein, especially during the festival, would enjoy such activity and match the charm around us in the beautiful city of New Alamain.
El Sadaany further explained that Coco Cabana has designed very unique costumes for dogs to wear in the fashion show.



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