Film Society Festival Celebrates the Centenaries of Samia Gamal, Abdel Moniem Ibrahim, Fouad El-Mohandes



Thu, 30 May 2024 - 11:52 GMT


Thu, 30 May 2024 - 11:52 GMT

Film Society Festival Celebrates the Centenaries of Samia Gamal, Abdel Moniem Ibrahim and Fouad El-Mohandes.

Film Society Festival Celebrates the Centenaries of Samia Gamal, Abdel Moniem Ibrahim and Fouad El-Mohandes.


For the first time, the management of the annual Film Society Festival for Egyptian Cinema, scheduled to take place between June (1-12) at Cairo Opera House, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee, decided to honor several pioneers by celebrating the 100th anniversary of their birth; actress Samia Gamal, actor Abdel Moniem Ibrahim, and actor Fouad El-Mohandes.



The centenary celebration will be so special through discussions and the signing of books tackling the careers of these stars.


Day two of the Festival -June 2nd- will celebrate the centenary of the late Samia Gamal, in the presence of the younger sister of the late Rushdy Abaza, "Mrs. Mounira Abaza", and film critic Nahid Salah, along with signing "Samia Gamal... The Butterfly", issued by Dar Misr Publishing House.




Day four of the Festival -Tuesday, June 4th- will celebrate the centenary of the late esteemed actor Abdel Moniem Ibrahim, in the presence of his daughters Somaia and Suhair, granddaughter Mariam and her father actor Sabry Abdel Moniem, and film critic Mahmoud Abdel Shakour, along with signing "Unforgettable Faces", issued by Dar El-Shorouk, tackling the career of late actor Abdel Moniem Ibrahim.



Day six of the Festival -Thursday, June 6th- will celebrate the centenary of late actor Fouad El-Mohandes, in the presence of his son, Mohamed, and art critic Walid El-Khashab, along with signing "Mohandes El Bahja", issued by Dar El-Maraya for Culture and Arts.



The three celebrations will be moderated by strategic planning and public relations advisor in creative industries, Mustafa El-Tayeb, in collaboration with writer, critic, and Film Society member, Mahmoud Abboud.


On the occasion of these celebrations, the Festival's artistic director, Rami El-Metwally, stated, "A centenary is a new concept presented by the Film Society in celebration of the 50th edition.



It decided to honor several iconic figures in their centenaries, in appreciation for their artistic achievements, especially since it is linked with the Festival's permanent slogan "Towards Egyptian Cinema".



The Festival is always keen to celebrate Egyptian cinema figures. There are dozens of awards granted to prominent figures who presented iconic works for Egyptian cinema".

El-Metwally added, "More cinema pioneers should be honored for their great role in supporting the progress of Egyptian cinema. Indeed, it is a very significant matter.




Thus, several prominent figures were selected to celebrate their centenaries, in a new form of appreciation, highlighting Egyptian cinema and its figures. From the viewpoint of the management, honoring contributes to putting the spotlight back on these figures and their works, as a form of appreciation for them, and opening discussions about their unique works and artistic projects, to foster direct communication with new generations".



Mustafa El-Tayeb noted, "Over the last years, the Film Society presented unique editions and successful events. This year, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee, we wish the fiftieth edition to be exceptional in every single detail and to achieve other successes. Hence, a number of the most prominent Egyptian publishing houses are cooperating with us in these events. They offered publications with a special discount for the Festival's audiences, in celebration of the Golden Jubilee, as well as honoring the iconic figures: Samia Gamal, Abdel Moniem Ibrahim, and Fouad El-Mohandes. Three symposiums are to be dedicated to discussing their biographies and work in the presence of their families. There will also be discussions with the writers: Nahid Salah, Mahmoud Abdel Shakour, and Walid El-Khashab, who are the authors of the books tackling the details of their careers and most important moments".



El-Tayed said, "Partnerships with publishing houses, literary organizations, and other publishing entities, are part of a strategic plan designed specifically for the Festival, requiring networking with fields of creative industries, which represent an economic and societal force that cannot be dismissed. There is also a global trend to show strength and be present internationally through these creative industries that Egypt has excelled in for several years and have a glorious cultural and artistic heritage".




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