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Mon, 18 Mar 2024 - 09:21 GMT


Mon, 18 Mar 2024 - 09:21 GMT

Essam Elsakka in a scene from Sodfa series.

Essam Elsakka in a scene from Sodfa series.


An ideal person is the one who owns almost perfect emotional balance, behavior, attitude, moral values and personality.



In practical life, all these fine traits are very rarely found in any person.


Hence, it is tough to find such an ideal person in real life but in drama the case is different.



Since drama is the imaginary world we are strongly attached to, it usually houses a number of ideal characters.


Ramadan shows this year house a bunch of ideal examples from the ideal mother Layla Taymour  to the romantic Husband Yassin, the caring father Mokhtar, The kind grandfather Bahgat, the two brothers who hold each other back Aly and Hussein and the super romantic lover Tarek in Sodfa series.


Tarek Aka Essam Elsakka is by all means the Prince Charming of this Ramadan season. Elsakka brilliantly embodied the role of Tarek this gallant guy who supports Sodfa through thick and thin, loves her unconditionally and solves all her problems. The chemistry between Elsakka and Riham hagag is really palable. 

Here are this Ramadan season ideal examples: 

1-Ideal mother ( Layla- Dina El Sherbiny/ Kamel El Adad+1 series).

2- Ideal father ( Mokhtar - Khaled Elnabawy in Embaratoryet Meem series)

3-Ideal lover ( Tarek- Essam Elsakka in Sodfa series)

4- Ideal husband ( Yassin-Mohamed Alaa in Seid El Akareb series)

5-Ideal grandfather ( Bahgat- Yehia El Fakharany in Atabat El Bahga series)
6- Ideal brothers ( Aly and Hussein - Essam Omar and Ahmed Dash in Massar Egbari series) 

7- Ideal Wife ( Zamzam- Sahar El Saigh in El Moallem series)




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