Terje Tvedt at Cairo International Book Fair: There is no river that can be compared to the Nile River



Wed, 07 Feb 2024 - 09:20 GMT


Wed, 07 Feb 2024 - 09:20 GMT

Terje Tvedt and Mustafa Obeid.

Terje Tvedt and Mustafa Obeid.



A discussion about “The Nile: History's Greatest River" book by renowned Norwegian historian and author Terje Tvedt was held on the sidelines of the 55th edition of the Cairo International Book Fair in the International Hall.



“The Nile: History's Greatest River" book was translated by Mona Al Khazendar and published in Arabic by Dar Al Arabi for Publishing and Distribution.




The writer Mustafa Obeid, moderated the discussion. Obeid emphasized that Terje Tvedt has been documenting the journey of the Nile for 59 years. He traced the course of the Nile River, investigated its origins, and visited the nations it flows through, while also learning about their histories.


Due to the book's huge success in carrying a significant image of the Nile, Al-Arabi Publishing house was keen to translate it to Arabic. The book was originally in Norwegian, then later was translated into English.



In his book, he discussed the greatest rivers in history, specifically the Nile, and introduced all the challenges it has faced up until the present day.

It is considered a biography of the Nile across space and time beginning from river Delta in Egypt and continues to several sources in Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda.


Terje Tvedt also believed that since the dawn of time, the Nile has always been a mystery, as some have described it as a river from paradise, and a divine miracle and others linked it to the legends that tried to find a reason to justify the strength and power of the river.


He mentioned that he wrote this book because he was passionate about water while he was in Bergen, the capital of the rainy Scandinavian coast.



Moreover, he expressed his interest in writing about the Nile due to his success in research, writing, and documentary filmmaking. 


He explained that he made sure to conduct researches about the Nile in 25 countries, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, and others



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