Cairokee new album checkmates the summer season



Wed, 19 Jul 2017 - 10:23 GMT


Wed, 19 Jul 2017 - 10:23 GMT

Cairokee's leading singer Amir Eid- photo via youtube

Cairokee's leading singer Amir Eid- photo via youtube

CAIRO - July 20, 2017: Cairokee band hit the summer season with their latest album Noaata Beda or Drop of white which consists of 10 songs. The main song Noaata Beda received 1.6 million views on YouTube.

All the album’s tracks were screened as a video clip with the same classic format. All the band members wore black and performed in a hall, amid the smooth camera movements and music instruments.

The first track is Noaata Beda. Noaata Beda examines the fight inside each person, and how there are several things pulling us in different directions. The whole band acts as a chorus. The second part of the song is performed by singer Abdelrahman Muhamed.

Track Hodna or Ceasefire starts smoothly with piano then the rap begins with, “it’s a while since I’ve been living in this ceasefire, now I must fight so as to live in peace and quiet.” The song goes along with the track called The drop of white. It tackles the human dilemma and self conflicts with society’s outdated views, double standard, and prejudice.

The third track is “Kont Faker” (I thought there was still time). It is a heart breaking mourn about the mother. The song talks about how a son suffers when he misses his mother.

“Edhak” (smile) is a light hopeful song that sounds like other tracks for the band, but Layla is a romantic dancing track. The band members can be seen smiling and moving with the music. Vocalist Amir Eid took of his jacket, and he is singing more freely while standing and playing guitar. We think that the song is inspired by Amir’s wife Layla. He explains a long love story with a lady who has always been by his side. it is about a partner who started the road from the bottom, and gets his strength from her love.

There are three “Shaaby songs,” a Arabic word meaning “local music genre” in Egypt. “El Kief,” a Arabic word meaning “a fix from drugs.” El Kief is a duet with singer Tarek El-Sheikh, and “El seka Shemal” is a song that means “wrong way blues.” That song is performed with Amm Gharib and Wael El-Fashny.

Noaata Beda Album was released only online. It was banned by the Egyptian authority of Censorship on Artistic Works. The album is available only on YouTube and through digital media stores. The Band posted on Facebook that their music is not allowed to be played by TV or radio stations.

According to Tahrir New Censorship on Artistic Works refused four songs; El-Sekka Shmal f Shmal, Akher Oghnia, Hodna, and El Kief.

The album is No. 1 bestselling album on iTunes Egypt and No. 2 on the Middle East top charts.



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