Egyptian star Ahmed El Fishawy to play the leading role in ‘Adel Mesh Adel’ movie



Sat, 16 Sep 2023 - 09:52 GMT


Sat, 16 Sep 2023 - 09:52 GMT

File: Ahmed El Fishawy.

File: Ahmed El Fishawy.

Egyptian star Ahmed El Fishawy will play the leading role in the comedy movie "Adel Mesh Adel". 


The movie is written by Adham Saeed and Hossam Kamal and directed by Ahmed Yousry.


"Adel Mesh Adel" movie marks the third collaboration between El Fishawy and Yousry after their previous two movies which are "Ritsa" (2021) and "45 Days" (2007).


Outspoken is an understatement when it comes to actor, rapper and director Ahmed AlFishawy.


A multitalented artist who is unapologetic, creative and quite the hard worker, the younger Fishawy is controversial, but there is no question about his talent and ingenuity. 

Born in 1980 to actors Farouk AlFishawy and Somaya El Alfy, he has been in the spotlight since he was a child; so much so, that he more often than not just forgets them altogether and does solely what he feels is true to who he is.


His first professional role was in 2000 with the one and only Faten Hamama in her last soap opera Wagh El Kamar (The Face of the Moon), playing the part of her son and garnering attention to the young talent.


His first leading role came in Afareet El Sayala (El Sayala’s Ghosts) TV series in 2004, and then on the big screen, playing the lead role in El Hassa El Sab’aa (The Seventh Sense) in 2005. 

From then on, Fishawy proceeded to present one successful, and unconventional, movie after the other, including Wara’et Shafra (Coded Paper), Zay El Naharda (Like Today), Sa’a w Nos (One and a Half Hours), Wahed Sefr (One to Zero), and Telk Al Ayam (These Days).


His movies discuss various issues, from sexual harassment in the eye-opening 678, to gender roles in Hatouly Ragel (Get Me a Man).


One of his most impressive performances, and a turning point in his career, came in his role in the movie Welad Rizk (Rizk Sons). His latest movies include Sukar Mor (Bitter Sugar), El Erd Beyetkalem (The Monkey Talks), Youm Lel Setat (A Day for Women), and one of the most brilliant works is Sheikh Jackson movie.




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