Renowned Artists Praise Choice of New Alamein for Cairo Drama Festival's Grand Showcase



Thu, 24 Aug 2023 - 04:37 GMT


Thu, 24 Aug 2023 - 04:37 GMT

Egypt's Entertainment Elite Unite for Second Cairo Drama Festival: New Alamein Awaits Glamour - File Photo

Egypt's Entertainment Elite Unite for Second Cairo Drama Festival: New Alamein Awaits Glamour - File Photo

CAIRO - 24 August 2023: A wave of anticipation and excitement has swept through the entertainment industry as the second edition of the Cairo Drama Festival gets ready to kick off in the scenic New Alamein City. Under the distinguished leadership of veteran actor Yahia El-Fakharany, this eagerly awaited event is poised to honor and reward the exceptional performances of TV stars over the past year.

Renowned actor Amir Karara shared his aspiration for the festival's second edition to be as impressive as its predecessor, echoing the sentiments of many fellow artists. Grateful for the diligent efforts of the United Media Services and Ashraf Zaki, head of the Actors' Syndicate, Karara expressed his high hopes for this year's festival.


Amir Karara

Reflecting on the festival's significance, Karara recounted his encounter with Yahia El-Fakharany at the first edition. This inaugural event left an indelible impression, reinforcing his belief in the enduring appeal of Egyptian drama and its potential to captivate audiences.

The esteemed actress Nabeila Ebeid praised the festival's choice of New Alamein City for its second chapter, emphasizing the city's enchanting allure. Ebeid, who was honored during the first edition, recognized the event's significance and praised the company behind the festival for their efforts in organizing this cultural extravaganza.


Nabeila Ebeid


Ebeid also highlighted that the festival symbolizes the recognition of artists by the state for their significant contributions to Egyptian drama. She conveyed her excitement for the event's continuation, underscoring the importance of celebrating artists who have enriched the television industry with their remarkable talents.

A familiar face to television audiences, Sabreen, conveyed her optimism about the festival's second edition, citing the remarkable success of the inaugural event as the catalyst. Expressing her enthusiasm for the meticulous planning undertaken by Yahia El-Fakharany and Ashraf Zaki, Sabreen sees the festival as a hub of stars and awards, an artistic celebration set to dazzle audiences.


Sabreen also extended her gratitude to the United Media Services for their dedication to the festival's success. She praised the decision to hold the festival's second edition in New Alamein City, a destination that continues to captivate the world, attracting tourists from various Arab and foreign nations.

Veteran actress Fardous Abdel Hamid lauded the successful execution of the festival's first edition and expressed her enthusiasm for the event's return, this time in New Alamein City. She commended the festival's contribution to enhancing the city's tourism appeal and stressed the importance of the festival becoming an annual tradition in different Egyptian governorates.

Fardous Abdel Hamid


The renowned director Mohamed Fadel revealed his sense of pride as one of this year's honored guests. He described the festival as a meaningful compensation, recalling the legacy of the Radio and Television Festival held in Alexandria. Fadel's hope for the festival's future was clear: to transform it into an international event that extends its influence beyond national borders.

Amid the collective enthusiasm of artists, the actress Aida Riad emphasized the need for the Cairo Drama Festival to continue after the resounding success of its first edition under Yahia El-Fakharany's leadership. Riad praised New Alamein City as an exceptional venue for festivals, be they dedicated to drama or music, cementing its status as a cultural hub.

As the city gears up to host the second edition of the Cairo Drama Festival, the entertainment industry stands united in its anticipation of a glittering celebration. With stars and talent converging in the vibrant New Alamein City, the festival promises to be an annual highlight, contributing to the elevation of Egyptian drama and the enrichment of the nation's cultural landscape.



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