Celebrating 60 Years of Drama: Cairo Drama Festival Returns with Remarkable Second Edition



Thu, 24 Aug 2023 - 04:26 GMT


Thu, 24 Aug 2023 - 04:26 GMT

New Alamein City Shines as Cairo Drama Festival Prepares for Grand Showcase - File Photo

New Alamein City Shines as Cairo Drama Festival Prepares for Grand Showcase - File Photo

CAIRO - 24 August 2023: In a matter of hours, the grand stage will be set as the curtains rise on the second edition of the Cairo Drama Festival. Set against the backdrop of the inaugural Alamein Festival, this much-anticipated event is poised to take place in the vibrant New Alamein City.

The city has undergone a breathtaking transformation to welcome artists and guests from around the nation, adorned with the latest technological marvels in decor and lighting, creating an immersive atmosphere on the red carpet and within the theater itself.

The stage is prepared to honor a multitude of talented stars of the Egyptian entertainment industry, recognizing their exceptional contributions over the past year.



Under the distinguished leadership of the acclaimed artist Yahya El-Fakharany, the 2nd Cairo Drama Festival is gearing up to make a resounding impact.

This extraordinary edition coincides with the debut of the Starscrapers Awards, hosted at the North Square Mall in New Alamein City. Aptly titled "60 Years of Drama," this inaugural Starscrapers Awards ceremony commemorates the six-decade anniversary since the inception and broadcast of Egypt's very first television drama production. The second iteration of the festival introduces innovative adjustments, setting it apart from its predecessor held last year.

With remarkable enhancements, the 2nd Cairo Drama Festival showcases a progressive approach. This time, the spotlight shines not only on Ramadan series but also on year-round productions, further diversifying the array of content. Additionally, a new dimension has been added, introducing awards that resonate with the audience's preferences, alongside the fundamental awards designated by the esteemed judging panel. Notably, this panel features renowned figures in the industry, including director Jamal Abdel Hamid, celebrated actors Karim Abdel Aziz and Ilham Shahin, esteemed critic Tarek El-Shennawi, and accomplished writer Abdel Rahim Kamal.

In an unprecedented move, festival organizers have extended an invitation for the public to actively participate in selecting eight awards that span across different categories. These coveted accolades include Best Leading Actor, Best Series, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Emerging Talent Award, and the coveted Best Dramatic Work Author Award. This involvement amplifies the festival's commitment to engaging audiences and granting them a voice in acknowledging exceptional performers and outstanding productions.

The orchestration of the 2nd Cairo Drama Festival is a result of the collaborative efforts of United Media Services, the festival's strategic partner, together with the Acting Professions Syndicate and Council Masters Company. This collective endeavor aims to stimulate creativity and foster the development of the artistic production sector.

Moreover, it seeks to augment the enlightening role of drama in shaping societal awareness about pivotal issues and promoting human values. As a significant testament to the festival's significance, it will also pay tribute to outstanding artists for their contributions throughout the 2023 season.

As the sun sets and the anticipation reaches its zenith, the 2nd Cairo Drama Festival promises to be an enchanting and immersive experience that transcends boundaries, celebrating the art of storytelling and the brilliance of Egyptian creativity. With each unfolding act, the festival stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration, encapsulating the essence of drama's transformative power.



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