The New Alamien Festival organizes a press a conference to announce the launch of 2023 edition



Wed, 12 Jul 2023 - 11:56 GMT


Wed, 12 Jul 2023 - 11:56 GMT

File: UMS CEO Amr El Fekky.

File: UMS CEO Amr El Fekky.

The New Alamien Festival organized a press a conference to announce the details of its first edition which will kick off from July 13 to August 26.

Amr El Fekky the CEO of United Media Services said in his speech during the press conference "Here in Alamein, less than 10 years ago no one imagined that the land that housed more than 21 million mines since World War II could be once populated" 

El Fekky added that Egyptians and foreigners were wondering why a magical place like Alamein is still untapped.

"After the current regime came into power it started facing all the challenges pertaining to Alamein area"  El Fekky added.

The UMS CEO explained that current regime worked on the development of western north coast area and the establishment of New Alamein City based on the highest international standards.

"POD organizes the New Alamein Festival to support the state's economy, by stimulating internal and external tourism, through organizing artistic and sports activities that occur for the first time in Egypt" El Fekky explained.

El Fekky announced that acclaimed events planning companies in Egypt and the Arab world will participate in organizing the New Alamein Festival.

" The events and activities of the festival will be held in three main areas in the New Alamein city which houses all the needed public services at the highest international standards, in line with the design of the city and in accordance with the international standards of the New Alamein as a 4th generation city" El Fekky said.

UMS CEO explained that the New Alamien Festival aims to receive one million visitors from all over the Arab world, and UMS was interested in promoting the festival in order to support the national economy.

 "There is nothing impossible for Egyptians, I am happy that the ministry is participating in this unprecedented event" said Egyptian Minister of Culture Nevine El Kilany in her speech during the press conference.


El Kilany added that the New Alamein Festival is one of the tools of Egypt’s soft powers that will reach to the whole Arab world.

" We are here in a global event, which is the New Alamein Festival" said Egyptian Minister of Youth & Sports Ashraf Sobhy in his speech during the press conference.  

Sobhy explained that the whole world was interested in Alamein City during World War II but in a way that was not for development, but now we are here for development towards the new republic whose foundations were laid by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

"The slogan of the festival “ The World is Alamein” is a brilliant one and the whole world will follow this festival" Sobhy said.



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