Egyptian archaeological mission discovers a small smiling sphinx of a Roman emperor at the eastern side of Dendara Temple in Qena



Tue, 07 Mar 2023 - 08:24 GMT


Tue, 07 Mar 2023 - 08:24 GMT


During excavation work at the eastern side of the Dendera Temple in Qena Governorate, Egyptian archaeological mission of Ain Shams University have unearthed a statue of one of the Roman emperors in the form of a Sphinx. 
The team also found remains of a chapel and a limestone offering table, all from the Roman Period.


Former minister of antiquities and professor of Egyptology at Ain Shams University Mamdouh El-Damaty said the remains of the newly uncovered chapel are carved in limestone and made of a two-level platform with foundations and a ramp.

The chapel contains a mudbrick Byzantine basin with a ladder covered with plaster.


Damaty added that a small smiling sphinx carved in limestone was discovered in the basin of the chapel.




Damaty further explained that the newly uncovered Sphinx is accurately carved, adding that it bears royal facial features with a smiling face and two dimples.


The sphinx wears nemes on his head with the cobra shaped ureas.

The early examination of the sphinix reveals that it most probably belong to the Roman emperor Claudianoius.


Damaty adding that a Roman stelae written in Demotic and Hieroglyphic was also discovered under the sphinx.

Further Studies will be performed to read the stelae which will help in revealing the identity of the newly uncovered sphinx.

The Egyptian archaeological mission, which started its excavation work in November, 2022 will continue its excavation work in the area to discover more of the Horus Temple blocks.




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