Horob Edtrary: El Sakka proves he is number 1 in action



Mon, 17 Jul 2017 - 07:11 GMT


Mon, 17 Jul 2017 - 07:11 GMT

El Sakka- Archive

El Sakka- Archive

CAIRO - 17 July 2017: What would you do if you found yourself one of four accused of killing a businessman, whom you’ve never seen in your life, and out of the blue, you are about to get arrested for a murder? Well, If you’re Egypt’s number one action star “Ahmed El Sakka”, you’ll be forced to run until you brutally dispatch every one of the interlopers involved and prove your innocence. That's the premise of the film “Horob Edtrary” (Forced to Run).

But let's rewind the tape a bit.

Adham Awaad (Ahmed El Sakka), Nada Ramzy (Ghada Adel), Moustafa Mokhtar ( Amir Karara) and Mustafa Khater (Youssef Muhammed); the four of them are getting arrested as they are accused of killing a businessman in his apartment, and yeah, they were there in the building where the murder happened, but did they really do that? Adham will do his best to escape with the other accused to find out who the real killer is!

Honestly, you’ll never know how to get under a giant truck with your motorcycle while you are escaping from policemen unless you’re Ahmed El Sakka. El Sakka proved he is the number one action star. He, along with film director Ahmed Khaled Mousa, introduced new action scenes to the Egyptian film industry. The first part of the movie doesn’t skip a beat, as they knew how to use every scene to please the audience with new action skills. So it is not about the plot, the story is not new, there's nothing lofty in the intentions of "Horob Edtraty”, and you won’t be surprised by the end of the film as you might be expecting, but it is about being attracted and enjoying 103 minutes of a movie. The aspiration here was to make a simple, straight forward action movie; so if you think that's easy, think of all the lousy action movies that come out in the course of a year.

El Sakka knows exactly how to develop and improve his skills, reactions and body gestures. He isn’t competing with anyone but himself, and that’s why his movie tops the domestic box office.

Every character in the movie was in his perfect place. The film has witnessed around 24 guests of honor, and all of them are valuable actors, such as Ahmed Helmy, Ahmed Fahmy, Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Farrag. There are many scenes where you are surprised by the appearance of renowned stars, and every one of them play their part perfectly.

Fathy Abdelwahab (officer Essam), the police officer responsible for the case, performed his role perfectly. You will be waiting for his scenes to laugh. We can say that he studied his role well; the always-hungry cop who is trying his best to win the case and get a promotion. He doesn’t necessarily need to be in the lead role to attract the audience.

Amir Karara ( Moustafa Mokhtar) also proved that he is capable of doing any role; yeah, the bully guy fit him proficiently. And of course Ghada Adel had to be there to sweeten action scenes, and she performed her role as expected, nothing new. So we can say that one of the reasons that brought this film to life is the dazzle of a brilliant set of characters.

“Horob Edtrary” deserved to be number one in the box office; not for the story or the plot, but for being a light-hearted, interesting and slick action movie. The acting was good, the script was fine, there were enough funny lines and events to keep it humorous and serious at the same time, and the action sequences were flashy, yet entertaining. You can go watch it!



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