Lebanese singer Maher Zain turns 36


Mon, 17 Jul 2017 - 04:40 GMT

Maher Zain - Courtesy of Zain's official Facbook page

Maher Zain - Courtesy of Zain's official Facbook page

CAIRO - 17 July 2017: Swedish/ Lebanese singer Maher Zain turned 36 years old on July 16. The singer is known for producing Islamic music, releasing an internationally successful album called “Thank You Allah” in 2009, according to the artist’s official Facebook page.

Songwriter Zain also released a follow-up album titled “Forgive Me” in 2012 and released his latest album titled “One” in 2016. Despite studying aeronautical engineering, Zain started his career as a music producer and worked with prominent artists, such as Akon and Lady Gaga.

The Muslim artist mentioned on his personal page that he has several interests, including fishing, and hiking, and that he is fascinated by astronomy and space, as he dreams of travelling to space someday, but most importantly he is influenced by Islamic teachings.

Known for producing Soul and RnB music genres as well, Zain has been awarded 25x Platinum Awards by Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. The Muslim singer has recently released a new video song called “Kun Rahma” (Be Merciful) in May, where the video was specifically shot for the month of Ramadan, in association with the RaF Foundation and One Family.



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