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Sun, 20 Nov 2022 - 06:18 GMT


Sun, 20 Nov 2022 - 06:18 GMT



On the sidelines of the fashion hub launched as part of the trend area in the green zone at COP27, Egyptian fashion leads the sustainable fashion talks through inspiring panel discussions that bring together worldwide industry players. 

Under the theme of “Connect the Unconnected”, the first panel discussion takes place on November 15th to discuss the circular fashion eco-system, highlighting best practices in changing the ways that the industry works and guides towards more sustainable approaches. 

Known as the second most polluting industry in the worldseven industry leaders come together to take us through a whole sustainable fashion journey starting with  Rawya Mansour who discussed the starting point in fashion and textiles, followed by the iconic Maria Buccellati and Laura Hache, who showcased the role of technology including blockchain and NFTs in the fashion industry as well as the use of Metaverse in the future of fashion




“Connect the Unconnected”, which is moderated by Norhan El Sakkout, the founder of the fashion brand that is built on the pillars of circularity, artisanry and 0-waste, highlights the vitality of balancing between education and talent when it comes to the fashion language that we speak today.


One of the panel speakers is tRana Khamis, the Sustainability and Civic Partnerships Program Manager at the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative, and Mona El Gazzar.

The sustainable talks to meet its goals  when collaborations join forces to achieve the ‘Greenwashing’;the second panel discussion to take place on November 16th that acts as an application of working together to turn challenges into opportunities. 

Yasmine Sarwat, Founder and CEO of one of the Egyptian fashion brands bring together Mary Ghobrial, Business leader, as well as Commercial and Ecommerce Expert who is determined to solve customers’ needs using technology with Doina Ciobanu, the Creative Director and Brand Consultant who is known as an anti-plastic ambassador after her significant work with WOLFORD as a Sustainable Brand Advisor. Besides, Federica Bertolani, Head of Sustainability at Nanushka and Maria Buccellati.

With her professional interviewing skills, Nour Hassan, Founder of Radical Contemporary will moderate the ‘Greenwashing’ session to turn words into actionsand opportunities intosuccessful partnerships. 


Over 12 days, the fashion hub has been hosting leading figures in the fashion industry from different countries, featuring over twenty Egyptian sustainable fashion designers under the patronage of Egypt’s ministry of environment. 




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