Google celebrates birth anniversary of pioneer Egyptian TV presenter Hamed Gohar



Tue, 15 Nov 2022 - 10:24 GMT


Tue, 15 Nov 2022 - 10:24 GMT

Google celebrated the birth anniversary of Hamed Gohar through a doodle - Google

Google celebrated the birth anniversary of Hamed Gohar through a doodle - Google

CAIRO – 15 November 2022: Google celebrated the birth anniversary of late Egyptian television presenter Hamed Gohar, who presented the famous “Sea World” program for 18 years.





Gohar was born on November 15, 1907 in Cairo. He received his primary education at the Islamic Charitable Society School, and his secondary education at the Royal Secondary School [later called Khedive Ismail School], from which he obtained a baccalaureate degree in 1925.





Gohar first joined the Faculty of Medicine, and despite his success with distinction in the preparatory year, he chose to transfer to the Faculty of Science, from which he obtained a Bachelor of Science with honors, and was appointed as a teaching assistant in the Department of Animal Sciences at the faculty.





In 1931, 2 years after his graduation, he submitted his first thesis to obtain a master's degree, the subject of which was "Micro anatomy and histology of the endocrine glands of a rabbit".





After that, Gohar moved to work at the Marine Biology Station in Hurghada, and continued scientific research in sea creatures of the Red Sea, until he obtained a doctorate in science in this branch of knowledge, and perhaps, according to Dr. Abdel Halim Montaser, he was the first to obtain it in Egypt.





Six decades ago, Gohar began the first extensive research study of marine studies in Egypt and the Arab world, and took over the management of the Marine Biology Station in Hurghada since its inception and for 40years. 





Moreover, Gohar established a marine museum that includes collections of animals and plants of the Red Sea, as well as a library that includes most of the basic references for the study of the Red Sea. He established the Aquarium at Ataka in Suez, and set up another museum for the creatures of the Red Sea.





Gohar worked as a science and technology advisor at the League of Arab States in 1970, and a member of the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo in 1973.





Furthermore, Gohar participated in the Arabic scientific dictionaries issued by the Arabic Language Academy, most notably the Biology Dictionary in Biology and Agriculture, which took 8 years to prepare from 1976 to 1984 , and some of the leading Arab scientists participated in it.





Gohar presented a famous weekly TV show broadcast on Fridays called “Alam al-Behar” [Sea World] for 18 years. The show presented films about various marine creatures, while Gohar commented explaining the picture and introducing the different species, their habits and qualities. Gohar had a distinctive voice that has been ingrained in viewers' minds throughout those years.





It is worth noting that Gohar was awarded the State Appreciation Award in Science in 1974, and the First Class Order of Merit in 1975.






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