Extinction Rebellion: Youth perspective about climate change to protect the future



Sun, 06 Nov 2022 - 02:50 GMT


Sun, 06 Nov 2022 - 02:50 GMT

File: Aiden Less/ taken by Amira Nour.

File: Aiden Less/ taken by Amira Nour.

Extinction Rebellion Youth is the autonomous youth wing of the global environmental movement Extinction a Rebellion (XR), made up of activists under the age of 30.

Aiden Less said to Egypt Today that Extinction Rebellion Youth works to counteract the impact of climate change focusing on non-violent direct action.

‘’Climate change and social justice were bringing in the impact of climate change on marginalized groups so together they form what we describe as climate justice and fighting for climate justice will help push the entire movement forward’’ Less said to Egypt Today.

As a youth environmental activist Less admitted that one of the major changes that he has seen over the past years is centring youth activist.

‘’We have always been part of it, but there is a shift that I have witnessed recently which is youth being the focal point. I believe the role of youth is to really push the conversation forward, climate change and climate justice are always number one priority to governments and corporations so we have to work consistently.’’

Less added that attracting the attention of the international community to climate change crisis is almost impossible task but going back to the point of intersectionality we can use that to interface what is going on in the world with climate justice so taking what is relevant now and trying to interface it with climate justice is a great way to insure that people are talking about it.


‘’My recommendations to COP27 are to put youth voices in the center, making sure that youth committees are intersectional, I hope that COP27 brings climate change and climate justice back to the minds of people, media and the whole international community’’


 Less further explained that Legislators, politicians, corporate officials, youth and local leaders will work together to make tangible change with the passion in the mindset that comes from COP27.

As for Egypt hosting COP27 Less said that he thinks that it is really a good transition and a necessary step for COP27 to be held in a place like Egypt.

‘’We have to learn  the impact of climate change on other places like Egypt, so having a conversation about climate change in Egypt is really a great thing. My message to the international community is that everybody should get involved, everyone has a role to play especially youth so my message to everyone is get involved, take your friend, classmate or co-worker and start building that community that solve climate change crisis, use all your talents to make the maximum change you can make and try to push the conversation forward to make progress, I think this is one of the main reasons why youth climate justice activism is important.”


Kate Spaulding and Sasha Rotko explained how people view climate change regionally expressing their desire to attend COP 28 and the need for systemic change.


Spaulding said that Extinction Rebellion Youth has the stated aim of using non violent civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss and the risk of social and ecological collapse.




‘’Diverse voices need to be heard’ Spaulding and Rotko said.

Spaulding recounted those places where COP is hosted makes a difference in the conversations.

‘’You have a voice, and it can be heard even though your actions may differ whether larger actions or smaller actions’’ Rotko said.

Spaulding added that disruption to the system is the way to change and Youth perspective about climate change will protect the future.





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