Lebanese dancer's tragic life appears in singer Elissa’s hit



Sat, 15 Jul 2017 - 08:07 GMT


Sat, 15 Jul 2017 - 08:07 GMT

Elissa - Twitter

Elissa - Twitter

CAIRO – 15 July : Lebanese star Elissa released on Tuesday the latest video clip for the Song ”Aks Elly Shaifenha”, from her album “Sahrna Ya Leil”. The title of the song means “she is beyond what others perceive her to be”. The clip, which is based on a true story, garnered 8 million views in the first 24 hours. The hash tag "#3aksElliShayfenha" trended across social media platforms, and the song ranked #1 of the Top Arab list on the Anghami app.

The clip features the story of “Dany Bustros” a Lebanese aristocratic oriental dancer who lived as a shining star and filled Lebanese theatres with dance and glory. Bustros came from an aristocratic conservative family, who decided to follow her passion and become an oriental dancer. It wasn’t easy for her family to accept her, however, so she had to confront social norms and traditions alone.

Alas, despite all of the glamour she received her life was full of suffering that she could not bear, and she eventually committed suicide.

There is quite a talented team behind Elissa’s latest masterpiece; the lyrics were composed by writer Amir Teima, music by composer Waleed Said, a distinctive performance by Elissa and the artistic eye of director Angy Jamal, who had worked before with Elissa in the video clip of “Ya Mrayty” song, translated as "My Mirror". This clip helps to shed light on the serious issue of domestic violence.

Elissa's talented team managed to present a real piece of art that brought Bustros's story back into people’s minds, and motivated many to search up the Lebanese artist and even make her name trending, almost 19 years after her death.

The clip, playing almost like a short movie, takes you inside a purely human story of a lady who lived only to spread joy and happiness with her art, only to suffer social unacceptance, an unstable emotional life and unbearable pain from the loss of her son. Two failed suicide attempts by overdosing weren't enough- it took one bullet through her head to end her tragic story.

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Elissa was praised with her choice for the idea of the clip and also her acting abilities that flourished amid the picture of director Angy Jamal, who used high developed directing techniques to create a short cinematic work of art.

The clip got wide feedbacks from her fans and many celebrities who also used social media to show their admiration for the clip, like Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek, who told El Jars website that she really liked Elissa’s acting, and that the clip was great.
Syrian singer Assala tweeted saying “The clip is super awesome and Elissa is a hero as usual”

Lebanese actor Nadine Njeim tweeted “nothing can express the deepness of the lyrics like Bustros’s life, best clip, directing, feeling and story. Good choice”



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