Application for Ihsan Abdel Quddous Cultural Award 2022 launches



Tue, 30 Aug 2022 - 12:09 GMT


Tue, 30 Aug 2022 - 12:09 GMT

Ihsan Abdel Quddous

Ihsan Abdel Quddous

CAIRO – 30 August 2022: The Ihsan Abdel Quddous Cultural Salon announced opening the submission for its annual competition for 2022 in the fields of novel and critical article. 





The award is granted in the branches of the novel (the subject is not specified), and the critical article (of no less than twenty pages) on: One of Ihsan Abdel Quddous’ literary creations, or one of the distinguished works of an Egyptian writer in the field of novels and stories.





The winners will receive valuable financial prizes, and certificates of appreciation.





The results of the competition will be announced at the end of December 2022 and the prizes will be distributed in mid-January 2023.





Ihsan Abdel Quddous was born on January 1,1919, and passed away on the 12th of the same month in 1990.





According to the Egyptian-Lebanese Publishing House, Abdel Quddous is not just a writer whose eternal topic is love. He has redefined the relationship between men and women just as no other writer has done in the history of Arab narration, through sides no one else could wade through, revealing its thorny depths.





Abdel Quddous was able to make his name a seal on all the complex human feelings, and dangerous, prohibited, silent and unusual thoughts, and most importantly he made his name a companion of absolute freedom to address many questions that many fear approaching in conservative societies.





Abdel Quddous lived a rich life, as he is a law graduate who found his way to the world of literature, journalism and art, becoming a prominent journalist since his early youth, and the owner of important opinions, writings and political positions, before even becoming the famous novelist and perhaps one of the most popular novelists in the history of contemporary Egyptian literature.




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