Michael Jackson: The all time king of pop



Mon, 29 Aug 2022 - 08:17 GMT


Mon, 29 Aug 2022 - 08:17 GMT

File: Micheal Jackson.

File: Micheal Jackson.

 No matter how many years have passed since the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, we will still celebrate his birth anniversary on August 29 of every year, as it was and will always be a special day to his family and his fans worldwide; the day that brought the most popular and talented star to the world.

Michael Jackson was an African-American singer born on August 29, 1958 in Garay, Indiana.



His father, Joseph Jackson, was a guitarist, but he stopped playing it once he got married to Jackson’s mother, Katherine. Katherine always taught her family folk and religious songs.



Michael was the fifth of their children.

Jackson’s talent began to show during his family’s concerts as the other Jackson boys founded a family band called, The Jackson Five, which achieved a great success at amateur shows throughout the midwest, but Michael Jackson’s singing talent, smooth dancing movements and stage presence enabled him to stand out from the crowd, become the focus of the band, and also attracted the attention of pianist Taylor.

Moreover, his performance at Apollo Theatre in New York City in 1968 was a great boost to the boy band and was a great support to Jackson due to the remarkable presence of the singer Diana Ross.

In 1970, Michael Jackson’s dancing talent was documented through his autobiography, ‘Moonwalk,’ in which he had talked about his history in the field of singing and also told all about his dance moves and dance steps that are originally his, so they became known as “Michael Jackson’s Dance.”




In reality, the King of Pop was inspired by the popular dancer Jeffey Daniel, but he gave every performance a part of his soul, sharpening it up with snappier heels and slicker glides; the elements that changed the format of music video ‘Style, Story and Production.’

In 1980, he became the major pop star due to his first album, “Thriller,” which sold 40 million copies and was the biggest seller of all time for which he won the a Grammys award.




He then wrote and recorded a song called “On the Line,” to be the soundtrack of a movie produced in 1996.



He later on became one of the first solo artists to have songs on the top 10 hits list from the same album through the amazing hits “Out of my life” and “Rock with You” from his album “Off The Wall.”

Talking about his personal life, Jackson married twice; first he was married to Lisa Marie Presley and got divorced later having no children with Presley, and then he married Deborah Rowe who left him.



He had two children with Rowe; Prince and Paris.

In spite of all the popularity he gained worldwide, criticism followed him just like any star especially after his song “They Don’t Care About Us” in which, some claimed, he projected words showing hatred for Jews.

Like any famous star, his reputation was always at stake as he was accused of child molestation in 1993, but was found innocent in 2005.

Somehow his life was weird; in 1990, he moved to the Netherlands and underwent a facelift which resulted in his infection with a skin disease, according to his claims to the media.

Michael Jackson was talented in many fields of art not only dancing and singing but he was also classified as an actor; and acted in movies like “Moonwalker,” “The Ghost,” and “Captain EO”

Michael Jackson, the American multi-talented artist whose songs live on our hearts till today and whose movies are a true documentation of the inspiring art he presented, is the man who deserves being remembered, and whose birthday should be celebrated even after a million years from his death.



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