Hassan Hosny: The unforgettable joker of Egyptian cinema



Mon, 30 May 2022 - 07:45 GMT


Mon, 30 May 2022 - 07:45 GMT

File: Hassan Hosny.

File: Hassan Hosny.

Veteran Egyptian comedian Hassan Hosny passed away in the early hours of May 30, 2020, at the age of 89 due to a heart attack.  

Hosny was not just a veteran actor with one of a kind unique talent, he was the friend of everyone, the father of all young actors and the professor who wants all his students to be clever even cleverer than him. 

The renowned comedian was like the quality certification of any play, movie or series he participates in, a valid guarantee that you will strongly laugh and feel the true meaning of joy and happiness. 

Hosny was one of the very few icons of Egyptian art in every sense of the word and this was clear from his huge popularity not only in Egypt but in the Arab world as well. 

Born in Cairo in 1931, the grand actor first discovered his talent when he was in school.

He soon recognized his artistic talents that’s why he was keen to participate in all the shows and theatrical plays in his school. 

Hosny received numerous medals and certifications from the Ministry of Education. 

During early 1960s, he joined the military’s theatrical group and participated in many plays. 

At the beginning of his career Hosny participated in small roles number of movies such as "La Wakt Lel Hob" (No Time for Love) in 1963 and the movie "Bent el-Heta" (Neighborhood's Girl) in 1964. 

A lot of good surprises were waiting for Hosny in the 1970s as he participated in several movies such as "Sook el-Hareem" (Females' Market), "Hob Wa Kebreya’a" (Love and Pride), "Madinat el-Samt" (City of Silence) and many others. 

In 1980s Hosny continued to participate in successful movies such as "Sawa’a el-Otobees" (The Bus Driver), directed by Atef el-Tayeb. 

Hosny’s role in that movie in particular made him shine more as a very talented actor and was a great turning point in his acting career, shedding light on his abilities to master the role of a villain. 

The star continued co-operating with Tayeb in several movies such as "El-Bare’e" (The Innocent) in 1985 and "El-Horoob" (Getaway) in 1991.Hosny worked with numerous other pioneer directors in the film industry in Egypt, such as Mohamed Khan, Osama Fawzy and Dawood Abdel Sayed. 

Furthermore, 2000s witnessed Hosny’s great success as a veteran comedian as he started to play significant roles in movies starring young comedians and actors at the time, such as Ala’a Wali el-Din, Mohamed Henedy, Karim Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Saad, Ahmed Helmy, Mohamed Emam and Ramez Galal. 

Hosny high sense of humor made him the joker of all the Egytian comedy films on the last 20 years. 

His cinematic repertoire includes a series of important roles in a number of sucessful comic movies such as "Abood Ala el-Hodood" (Abood on The Border), "Africano", "El-Lemby" “El Nazer”, "Karkar", "Katkout", "Askar Fe el Mo'askar", "Bobos" among others. 

His theatrical repertoire include a number of highly successful plays such as ‘’ Hazmeny Ya’’, ‘’ Tara’eo’’ among others. 

Hosny had an artistic career that spanned over 50 years’ experience in theatre, cinema and drama. He was also a member of the board of directors of Egypt's Representative Professions Syndicate. 

Hosny received many prestigious awards, the most prominent was the Faten Hamama Excellence Award he received from the 40thCairo Film Festival. 

hosny ciff

The Faten Hamama Award is the highest level prize granted by the Cairo International Film Festival. 

On Dec. 25, a ceremony was held within the activities of the Theatrical Professions Syndicate Festival's fourth edition where Hosny was honored. 

The honoring was held at the Theatrical Professions Syndicate in Qasr al-Ainy street. 

Ihab Fahmy presented the ceremony, explaining that the idea of honoring Hosny this year was brought up to the syndicate’s Council, where all its members agreed without any hesitation. 

Hosny, accompanied by the two stars, Mohammed Saad and Mohamed Henedy, got on the stage and were welcomed by Head of Theatrical Professions Syndicate Ashraf Zaki, Salah Abdallah, Suleiman Eid, Ahmed Shafiq, Os Os and Ihab Famy. 

A song, made especially for the veteran actor was played, followed by a screening of a short documentary filmed in Hosny’s house, where he spoke briefly about his artistic career. 

Famed actor Henedy spoke about how he was raised looking up to the work of the veteran actor, and that he learnt a lot about acting from Hosny, stressing that all those who attended the honoring ceremony were there out of love and not just because they were doing their job. 

The honoring ceremony was attended by a number of artists, including Ihab Fahmy, Mohsen Mansour, director Amr Abdin, Amr Abdel Aziz, Azouz Adel, Soliman Eid, Menna Badr Tayseer, Hassan Abdel Fattah, Yousra el-Masoudi, Yousra Wagih, Martina Adel, director Mostafa Fekry, Mohamed el-Sawy, Mustafa Mansour, Hossam el-Gendy and his wife, Manal el-Hamrouchi, and Fatima. 

A picture of a sculpture for Hosny made by Mahmoud Fouad went viral on Twitter, with numerous praising the work of the young artist. 

Numerous tweets expressed great appreciation of the work of the young sculptor, who managed to create a replica of the prominent actor's features. 

hassan statue

Other comments expressed the brilliance of the sculptor and the artistic outcome as a whole on Hassan Hosny’s hashtag that topped the trending topics for August 22 on Twitter which showed the high popularity of Hosny and his huge fan base. 

Moreover, artist Ahmed Salah Hosni expressed his admiration for the sculpture and tweeted, “Mr. Hassan deserves more than this.” 

It is worth mentioning that the veteran actor last role was in the movie “Khayal Maata” (Scarecrow) staring Ahmed Helmy, Menna Shalaby, Khaled el Sawy, Bayoumi Fouad, Lotfi Labib, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, among others. “Khayal Maata” is directed by Khaled Marei. 

Hours before his death, the renowned comedian suffered a heart attack and was moved to Dar El-Fouad Hospital's ICU. 

The funeral took place at Hosny's family graveyard near the Cairo-Fayoum Desert Road. 

Many Egyptian and Arab actors extended their condolences to Hosny's family. Many were keen to attend the funeral despite the pandemic lockdown because all of them were strongly attached to him. 

Certain roles usually build the fame of an actor and add a lot to him but in very rare cases the actor himself who adds value to any role he performs and Hosny was from this type of actors. 




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