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Thu, 13 Jul 2017 - 09:33 GMT


Thu, 13 Jul 2017 - 09:33 GMT

Marwan Hamed by: Hayssam Samir

Marwan Hamed by: Hayssam Samir

CAIRO – 13 July 2017: Which is more difficult for you as a director to direct a movie adapted from a novel or to deal with a movie script?

Not all the novels are eligible to convert to movies, some could be transferred to movies others cannot. To stenograph a 500 pages novel to a 100 pages script cannot be executed in all novels.

The audience pertaining movies based on novels previously know the movie plot, which may make the film lose one of its main factors, which is the surprise one especially concerning the end of the movie, also they always compare between both, do you think this can negatively affect the film?

On the contrary I view it as a peculiarity. The renowned English director, playwright and screenwriter Anthony Minghella who was the director of the English Patient and Cold Mountain, almost all of his movies were based on novels. I see that the existence of a novel that we know previously and people admire give us at least a minimum level of success to the movie, all what we have to do is to choose a popular novel admired by many, good execution, convenient cinematography and good production.

What was the most difficult scene in El-Asleen?

Actually there were two difficult scenes the first was the control room scene and the second was the last lecture scene performed by Menna Shalaby.

How could you assess the audience reaction with El-Asleen movie?

Audience reaction is a differentiated one, the movie created a controversial status among spectators, this status satisfied me a lot. Audience discuss the movie, some are with the film others are against it. I am worried when I make a movie and pass without discussions and debate. When we decided to make a movie like El-Asleen we knew previously that such type will create a lot of arguments. I noticed also that both proponents and opponents talked about the movie in details, in general I see this as a positive sign.

Who from the cast of El-Asleen that you imagined in his role from the first moment you read the script?

Usually I put more than one suggestion for each role, then I take the opinion of both the producer and the script writer. But the actor that I saw him a lot in his role, even did not see anyone else suitable, and insisted on him performing this role was Mohamed Mamdouh.

Who dazzled you by his performance during shooting and exceeded your expectations for him/her?

I enjoyed a lot working with them all. Regarding Khaled el-Sawy this is my third cooperation with him after Omaret Yacoubian and El Feel El Azraa and between each other there is a good rapport. Concerning Maged el-Kedwany, El-Asleen is our first cooperation, I admit that there is a deep person that lies behind the character of the actor Maged el Kedwany , this deep person adds an amazing touch of humanity to the actor and this touch was reflected significantly in his performance. Kinda Allouch is definitely a bold actress to accept such a different role. Frankly speaking when I offered her the role I expected much that she will refuse but she astonished me by accepting with a great enthusiasm. She dazzled me with her adventurous spirit. My experience with Allouch was magnificent; she is a very smart actress and owns high capabilities of reading the script precisely and understanding her role in a brilliant way. Menna Shalaby’s existence in the movie was important to play the leading female role of Soreya Galal, which has to be a woman with complete feminine features before being a women who seeks knowledge. Soreya Galal character in the script should own a certain spirit and Shalaby succeeded to portray this spirit. She was so creative especially that her role was extremely a difficult one. Her two lectures’ scenes were so tiring. Shalaby is a brilliant actress that tends always to play different roles with adroitly.

Do you bear in your mind while choosing the movie whether it will generate high revenues or no?

In some movies yes like El Feel El Azraa, it is a film that contains all the elements needed to generate high revenues and claims the first rank in box office. Such kind of movies is executed by special way to generate revenues, and we can easily predict even before release that this film will achieve high revenues. A film like El-Asleen we knew previously that it is not the type of movies that generates high revenues.

What are the critics that were said about El-Asleen movie and you feel it was in its place?
I read a lot of critics some were very objective and accurate and I learned from a lot. At the end everyone has the right to declare his opinion about the movie, and all opinions should be respected. El-Asleen from the movies that usually stirs controversy, which means that we are in front of a strong movie and that all what I care about.

Some may view that your filmography is small compared with being director from 16 years, what do you think of this?

Quantity is not important, quality comes first. Any director should bear in his mind that any film he directed will run after him till the end of his life and even after his death, nobody could escape from a paltry film he made. Your movie is your history, it will be watched by the current audience and the next generations that are not born yet. I bare this fact in my mind always that is why I am so picky in choosing my movies. High quality movies live forever and even could be watched later from a different angle. For example Ibrahim Al-Abyad movie was highly criticized when it was first released it was described by the bloody movie, because of the large number of violence scenes it contains. Despite the fact that film conveyed the reality, people at that time denied this hard truth and refused to accept it. But now people started to view the film from different perspective and began to like it, especially the new generations.

Favorite movie: The Godfather

The film that made you love to work as a director: Taxi Driver

Favorite singer: Michael Jackson

Favorite actor: Adel Emam and Daniel Day-Lewis

Favorite actress: Yousra



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