Arbor Day: Lets plant a tree!



Mon, 21 Mar 2022 - 12:39 GMT


Mon, 21 Mar 2022 - 12:39 GMT

Happy Arbor Day! -  Indiansenatedemocrats

Happy Arbor Day! - Indiansenatedemocrats

CAIRO – 21 March 2022: The tree is an old friend of man, a vital and influential element of the universe and one of the reasons for its beauty.





Since ancient times,  trees occupy a great place in the hearts of mankind.





Arbor Day is celebrated annually on March 21. The origins of the celebration span back to the farmer Stirling Morton, who, while in Nebraska in 1854, attempted to remedy the treeless conditions of the plains. 





In light of his great efforts, the Nebraska Board of Agriculture appointed in 1872 a day for planting trees and it was called the Arbor Day.





In 1875, the state legislature changed Arbor Day to April 22, Morton's birthday, and made it a legal holiday.





The celebration of this day is observed in all states except Alaska, and Arbor Day is also considered a holiday in both Utah and Florida.





Arbor Day became a global celebration to encourage people to plant trees and take care of them. It also celebrates the cultivation and protection of vegetation cover in most countries of the world. This day aims to increase the area of green spaces, restore natural forests by planting artificial forests, giving more attention to planted trees and protecting them, restoring the cultivated areas and planting new green spaces, in addition to protecting natural forests from encroachments.





Trees have many benefits. They are used as a primary and main source of food and leaves, and are also used in the extraction of some types of medicines and in timber for construction and fuel.





Moreover, trees provide adequate shade and affect the climate by tempering the temperature in cities and villages and reducing dust.





Trees purify the atmosphere from carbon dioxide and increase oxygen, constituting a great way to decorate streets and avenues.





Furthermore, trees can reduce noise and distracting sounds, and are capable of soil maintenance and erosion prevention.





Trees are the main production source of fruits and seeds for humans and suitable fodder for livestock.













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