In pics: How huge fish are mummified at marine museums in Egypt



Wed, 16 Mar 2022 - 11:48 GMT


Wed, 16 Mar 2022 - 11:48 GMT

In pics: How huge fish are mummified at marine museums in Egypt

In pics: How huge fish are mummified at marine museums in Egypt

CAIRO – 16 March 2022: Marine biologists and technicians at the branch of the National Institute of Marine Sciences in Hurghada city mummify dead marine creatures and display them in the museum.


In this regard, Egypt Today presents information on the process of mummification of marine organisms, which will reviewed in the following lines:




- The process of mummification of marine organisms begins by examining the body before starting the mummification, by revealing the outer skin of it, and it must be healthy and not yet reached the stage of rotting.


- The creatures are completely emptied of the meat from the inside and stuffed with rice straw, with some chemicals are placed before the stuffing phase, while the tail and fins are fixed for sharks, dolphins and various fish


- After emptying the creature and filling it with rice straw, the body is painted from the outside with a polishing material, to show its true shape.


- The duration of mummification process for each organism varies according to its size, as the larger it is, the more time it takes to empty it.




- There are marine creatures that are difficult to mummify, such as whales or dolphins of the whale family, because there is no difference between their skin and meat from the inside.


- Sharks are easily mummified because there is a separation between their meat and skin.


The most important rule in mummification is not to leave any meat, and if left, it would cause it to rot and lead to the failure of the whole process.


-There are certain tools used in the mummification process, starting with knives that are used with specific sizes for each body according to its size, and it works to dry the skin.


- Glass is used as an alternative to the eyes of marine organisms, where eye sizes are taken and a bottle is manufactured by cutting and hollowing and installing it on the marine organism.




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